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Hi All,

     I am back with another story "Manan - Miss Beautiful or Soulmate". Two parts of the story are already  published.

 Two parts of the story are already  published

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Description :

Nandini is an all time prankster and she is the younger sister of Alya.

Alya is into modeling and is crowned as Miss.Beautiful.

Manik is from a wealthy family and is also very handsome . Manik joins the college where Nandini is studying. 

Manik sees Alya just once and gets attracted to her. 

Nandini being a prankster ends up pulling pranks on Manik too and Manik inturn tries to teach her a lesson, but Nandini doesn't take it lightly and decides to take revenge.

What course of action does she take? Does she succeed? Or does she end up being the victim? How does it impact their lives?

Note : This story is inspired from a movie, however the presentation is purely my imagination.

Hope you will give it a try.

Thank you!

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