Break Up Or Make Up Part 9.

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Y/n:"I love these moments with you"I mumbled in her neck planting a small kiss there making her smile and hum cuddling closer to me. After our fun in the Jacuzzi we showered and changed into some warm clothes and sat outside on the balcony watching the sunset. It was honestly breathtaking but the girl in my arms was better.

Kendall:"I do to"She mumbled making me smile and kiss the side of her face and look at the view in front of us.

There was something about this trip that had my feelings everywhere. I was thinking about everything and anything, it was like my mind was constantly thinking abut every small thing in myself and Kendall's relationship. I thought about everything that happened in the past and all the promises that were made and the ones that were broken.

I know I should be sitting here and enjoying the sunset and just having her in my arms but could you blame me for being scared? I've been through this before, many times and it sucks. Its suck to not be "the one" for the person you love. When you love someone and truly know their the one for you, all you want is to be the one for them.

I want Kendall in my life. I need her in my life but I cant always have the fear of her cheating on me or leaving me for someone else. I want a future with her and I want to have a family with her and just have a happily ever after but will it all be worth it? Will I regret all of this or just dive right in and hope for the best?

Kendall:"Baby"She mumbled kissing my cheek cutting me out from my thoughts making me shake my head a little and look at her.

Y/n:"Uh yeah?"I asked still dazed making her raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow at me.

Kendall:"Whats wrong? You looked like you were in deep thought"She said looking at me carefully making me clear my throat and shake my head.

Y/n:"Not really, just thinking about work"I said lying to her hoping she would fall for it.

Kendall:"We both know that's not true but I'm not going to push a answer out of you"She said making me give her a small smile"But if you want to talk...I'm here"She said making me lean forward and peck her lips.

Y/n:"I know, thank you"I said making her smile and peck my lips again. She got up and held her hand out making me look at her confused.

Kendall:"Come on lazy, We're cooking"She said making me chuckle and get up. She dragged me inside to the kitchen and stood in front of me"So where did we stop last night?"She asked making me smirk.


Kendall:"Dont even! And we're eating food so don't get any funny ideas Y/l/n"She said making me pout. She grabbed everything from the fridge and laid it out"So lets start"She said making me walk towards her and start preparing everything.

We started cooking everything and laid the table out as we waited for the food. I was more quite then usual and I think Kendall noticed but she decided not to mention it....not now at least. I took everything to the table and pulled out the chair for Kendall making her smile and peck my cheek.

Kendall:"Thank you"She said making me give her a small smile and take a seat.

Y/n:"You're welcome"I said and started dishing out for us. We ate in silence and I was to consumed in my thoughts to even bring up a topic.

Kendall:"Y/n"She said making me look up from my food and look at her.

Y/n:"Yes?"I asked making her push her plate away and look at me.

Kendall:"Whats going on? You haven't talked at all for the past twenty minutes and you've been playing with your food and starring into space"She said crossing her arms and looking at me"Baby just tell me whats wrong"She said making my heart melt as soon as she said baby.

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