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"Please take a seat." The female officer gestured toward the all too familiar waiting room of the Headmistress's office before following her male partner back out into the hall. Their walkie talkies crackled. Someone in the village had lost a sheep.

The green cushion slowly deflated as Rhian sat down. This was her third visit this week. Soon she'd be on a first name basis with the secretary; a kind old woman who was currently asking another student, across the room, if he'd care for a tea or coffee.

"That'd be lovely," the student answered "Tea, please. Milk no sugar."

It was Alaric. What was Alaric doing being questioned by the police, was he a suspect? Was she? Rhian requested a tea as well when asked, though she wasn't in the mood for one. Her head was already jumbled with anxious thoughts. She knew she wasn't behind the attacks and there was no way Alaric was involved. He was too good a guy.


Rhian shot a look to Alaric. He half-grinned back.

"I never suspected you either," he said inside of her head.

Why are you here?

"My roommate."

Rhian raised a brow. Alaric didn't have a roommate. His telepathy made the others students weary about bunking with him. Nervous he'd see their pervy dreams or something.

Alaric smirked and Rhian realised he was still reading her thoughts.

"Joo-won. The new student from South Korea. Late entry. I believe you met him."

The Gumiho? Rhian took a sharp breath. Is he...


Rhian brought her hand to her mouth. Two students targeted in one day.

"No," said Alaric. "Not like the other students. All of his stuff is missing too. He's left."

No way. Rhian tried to think back to their meeting in the library. There didn't seem to be anything suspicious about him, other than being very attractive — which Gretchen warned was part of his ability. Could he be the one killing her classmates? Gretchen did say Gumihos ate gizzards or something and could shape shift. Maybe he shape shifted into her when he went after Sabina and that was why Braith claimed to have seen her.

"Livers," corrected Alaric, eavesdropping again. "and come now, Rhian. Just because Joo-won is descended from a Gumiho doesn't mean he eats livers. You don't hoard treasure and steal beautiful maidens, do you?"

"What are you talking about?" Rhian said aloud, earning her an odd look from the secretary who was returning with their teas.

"You know, because you're descended from a dragon? It's a stereotype about dragons, I apologise if I've offended you." Alaric's eyes slowly widened. He turned away and looked at his lap. "Ah... you didn't know. I presumed you did. The administration does. It's where your fire ability comes from. But back to the matter at hand, no. Joo-won can't shape shift into other people and he was still in Korea when the disappearances started."

Then why did he run?

"Spooked I guess."

The Heddlu returned with another student whom they requested sit and took Alaric into the office.

The new arrival stared down at his knees. He tucked his mousy brown hair behind an ear, revealing a light dusting of freckles across his face. Rhian didn't recognise him which meant he didn't have a special ability — else she would have seen him in Ms Landeg power controlling class. Would that make him safer? Mrs Mackerel had said the spider golem was syphoning awen and stealing abilities. Or did it make him a suspect?

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