Chapter 17

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I'm sorry if I have confused anyone with the mixture of 2 tv shows. I thought it Would be different but if you don't like it then I'm sorry- Nic x

Rachel POV

I wake up slowly, I'm sure that wasn't a dream last night because I felt the touch of Finns hand, we kisssed. He told me about his dad and the ring... was I dreaming again?.

I get up and look through my rucksack with my clothes in it and quickly get changed. I decided to wear a pair of shorts and just a normal t shirt, and to complete the look with a messy bun.

I can't be bothered getting all dolled up at the moment. It dawned on me that Elena and Stefan must have a pretty bad hangover. This is time to make fun of them

I walk downstairs quickly passing Damon's room, I want to make some coffee to drink whilst making fun of them both.

I put on the machine, putting a cup underneath for the machine to spill in the contents

I sit staring into space when I hear someone walking into the kitchen, I have a habit of not turning around so I just guess

"Hey Damon" I say not turning around

"Guess again" said the sexy masculine voice of finn Hudson

I turn around to see him with messy bed hair which looks adorable to his figure

"What if Damon finds you?!" I whisper

"I live here now and I've patched things up with him" he says grabbing a water bottle from the fridge

"really?" I ask in disbelief at his last sentence

"Yup, by the way you weren't dreaming last night. It was real, you were just really tired" he says kissing my cheek softly causing my heart to flutter

"I need to go back to school tomorrow" I say ruffling his hair sweetly

"Are you coming back or?" He trails off

"I don't know because of the adoption thing people will find out sooner or later but I'll probably go back because you and all of my other friends are at McKinley" I say

" Yeah"" he says drinking some of his water

"Nobody can know that we go out" I say

" I know but Hey lets go and annoy Elena and Stefan" He says grabbing my hand and guiding me to the room

"I'm gonna tell Damon to come and see this" finn says

"Are you gonna shout?" I ask

"Damon come down buddy!" he shouts

"Damon will be down in 3,2,1" finn counted down and on number one Damon came down

"Let's do this" Damon says barging through the door

Stefan immediately covers him and Elena, then groans in pain of his hangover.

"Why did I drink?" Stefan asks

"Douche pants get up!" Damon says

"Stop shouting" Stefan argues

"I'm not shouting you prick... get up" Damon says

"Why?" Stefan asks

Me and Finn just stand at the door holding in our laughter from this scene. The funny thing is, Stefan still hadn't noticed finn, which I found amazing since he was so tall.

"We have guests you idiot get up" Damon says pointing to me and Finn

"Finn?!" Stefan shouts in disbelief

"Please don't fight guys, I'm not up for that" Stefan adds on

"We patched things up" finn chimes in

"He lives with us" Damon says

Elena was still asleep

"Your taking out that mattress you asshole, and your getting me a new one" Damon says looking at Stefan angrily

"Ok fine, just please let me sleep for like another hour and I promise I will do anything you want" Stefan says as he buried his face in the pillow

"Fine" Damon says as we all walk out.

"I'm sorry about that, good thing is... he doesnt know what he's got himself into" Damon says as he grabs a beer from the fridge.

"I see you know about our father" Damon says cracking it open

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that"I say looking down

"Hey he's in a better place, no pain only the best for a good guy like him" Damon tells me, which made me feel a little better

Finn takes my hand and puts it on his chest making me feel his heartbeat.

"For as long as this beats I promise to love you with everything I have"he says looking at me

"Your promising that?" I ask

"Of course" finn adds

"Your such a love bug" I say laughing

"Well.... " finn says

"You know, you look so sexy in those shorts"finn says holding my hand

"Really?" I whisper seductively

"Mhm" Finns also whispers seductively holding my ass

I kiss him quickly but quickly pulling away before he could deepen it, Damon had left beifore we started acting like horny teenagers to give us some privacy

"Come on, bedroom now mister" I say seductively

"Right after you ms berry" he says in his groggy voice as we go to my bedroom upstairs

Hey! I'm sorry if you like the crossover but it was confusing so no vampire fling!Comment what you think! Love you all 💖💝💞💗

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