Chapter 59

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Today I went back to school after missing a week, but I didn't pay attention at all. My mind has been elsewhere all day.

After I got out of class, I went to the parking lot to wait for Monique, but when I got outside I saw Blake leaning up against his car.

"Blake!" I yelled running toward him. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pecked his lips and he put me down.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I came to pick you up like a good boyfriend should," he said before kissing my forehead.

"You're cute!"

I know I've developed this reputation as some kinda hard ass, but when I get around Blake, I don't know, I'm a different person. I turn into this love struck little girl when he's around. I've never felt like this before. He's turned me into a sap and I hate it, but I love at the same time.

"You are coming to the game tonight, right?" he asked getting in the car.

"Of course," I said getting in the passenger seat, "but what are we about to do now?"

"We're gonna get food then just chill before tonight."

"Sounds good."


After we ate, we lied on the couch and talked for about three hours. It was actually kinda nice.

"I should probably go so I can get ready," he said.

We got up and I walked him to the door.

"I'll be back to pick you up," he said before kissing me.

"Okay," I smiled.

After I shut the door, I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I got out, I went straight to my closet to find something to wear.

This is the first game I'm going to as Blake's girlfriend, so I don't know what to wear. I settled for a red Griffin jersey with a black bandeau top underneath, jeans and True Blue Son of Mars. I finally decided to wear the necklace Blake got me for my birthday, since I haven't been wearing it, and a silver chain bracelet. Very casual, but still cute.

When I felt content with how I looked, I sat in the living room, thinking of new dance ideas while I waited. After an hour and a half, Blake came walking through the door looking perfect, as usual.

"A Blake Griffin jersey, huh?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, I think he's kinda cute," I said.

"I don't know about all that, but his girlfriend's pretty hot."

"She's alright. He could do better," I said.

"I doubt that. I mean have you seen her, she's really really reeeeeally hot," he said smiling.

"Alright that's enough," I laughed, "let's go."


The Clippers beat the Rockets, 101-93. After the game, Monique and I stayed behind because we were talking to Jada. Through the crowd of people making their way out, I saw someone walking toward us. I realized who it was and froze up. I instantly became scared and my palms got sweaty. It was Travis and he was getting closer.

It's weird because I've had people point guns in my face, I've been stabbed and I've been punched in the face by guys, but Travis scares me more than anything.

"Briana, what's wrong?" Jada asked.

"I uh, I don't feel safe right now," I said quietly.

Travis finally approached us, but when I tried to run, he grabbed my arm. SHIT!

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