My NASCAR County Boy

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Christine's POV

  Once we got to the hospital in Oskaloosa I had lost it. I bursted through the doors and to the front desk. Kevin and DeLana had to run to catch up with me.

  "Where's Tony?! Where is he?!" I cried.

  "Christine, wait!!!" I heard Kevin called from behind me.

  "Ma'am I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down please," the nurse behind the desk said.

  "Where is Anthony?!" I said.

  Kevin came up from behind me and picked me up and flung me over his shoulder as if I were a "sack of potatoes". Apparently I had gone crazy.

  "Dammit Kevin! Put me down!!!" I yelled.

  "Can somebody tell me what's going on?"the young nurse asked.

  "That's Christine Harper, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart's girlfriend. She's paranoid about his accident that occurred a while ago," I heard DeLana explain.

  "Oh, I see. Well, Mr. Stewart is in the ICU an-" the nurse said as I interrupted her.


  "Just down the hall and take the elevator to the second floor. He's in room C14. But be quiet he needs his rest before surgery in the morning," the nurse explained as I broke free of Kevin's hold on me.

  I bolted down the hall and made it to the elevator before Kevin or DeLana could. By the time they reached the elevator doors they had shut and carried me to the second floor. Once I was off the elevator I bolted down the hallway of the ICU and made it to room C14. When I quietly opened the door my heart stopped.

  "Oh Tony......" I managed to get out before collapsing in a chair besides his bed. "Why did I let this happen to you dammit!!"

  I looked at Tony's right leg, I knew it was broken and I could see where the medics had bandaged his cuts. He looked terrible and I couldn't stand it..

  "Tony wake up.... Please...." I lightly nudged him in his right arm.

  I knew he wouldn't respond, and he didn't. I grabbed his hand and held it tight as I sobbed really really hard. I could hear Kevin running down the hall with DeLana. One reason, I could hear them talking back and fourth.

  "Christi-" Kevin said, walking in the room but stopped when he saw how bad Tony looked. "Shit Tony.." he said under his breath. "I forgot you looked this bad...."

  "Oh my god Tony... Now he looks even more worse..." DeLana said, holding back tears. "Kevin, out. Christine needs to be alone with Tony."

  Kevin sighed and took DeLana's hand as they walked back out into the hallway, closing the door behind them. Meanwhile my mind was racing like crazy...

  "Anthony wake up, please...." I sobbed.

  He squeezed my hand, which told me he could hear me and he could respond.

  "Anthony?!" I said, surprised. Tony opened his eyes halfway, they looked horrified and full of pain, which nearly scared me. "Oh Anthony... I can't stand to see you like this at all...."

  Tony tried to speak but couldn't, he was in too much pain of course.. But he kept looking at me as if he were fine and it made me feel a little better. He let me climb in the bed with him but I had to stay on the left side of him. I chose to anyways because I didn't wanna accidentally hurt his injured leg. He had his left arm around me and rested his head on mine, I haven't even been separated from him for two days and I'm already back in his arms, well sort of, and he's already gone and hurt himself. Badly.

  "Baby...." he managed to get out of his mouth, getting my immediate attention and making me look deep into his brown eyes.

  "What??"I asked.

  "I'm sorry..... About this...." Tony said, his voice filled with pain. I could tell he was welling up because his leg hurt so bad.

  "Anthony.... Don't...." I said, already letting my tears fall.

  "It hurts... So fucking bad..." he said, his eyes filling up with tears.

  Seeing my Tony on the verge of tears killed me... I knew how much pain he was feeling... I think my Anthony Wayne is dieing on me.......

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