Chapter 27

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"It's nice that the solution doesn't involve sex."

Four pairs of eyes swung to me. Five if you included Kieran's mother, but she was on the other side of a mirror and looking at me already, so perhaps not.

Lucas smirked.

Fenrir rubbed the side of his mouth with his fist and looked away.

"It is!" I insisted.

Jaceon broke out into a grin first. "I suppose I can see why you'd feel that way."

Kieran looked heavensward. "Yes, like you aren't relieved too."

Jaceon shrugged. "I wasn't going to complain, but yeah, it'd be nice to have sex without it having to be a matter of life or death."

Silvery laughter floated through the room.

"Oh, sorry." I wrinkled my nose. "It's just, you know."

Kieran's mother laughed again. "No need to apologize. It has been trying thus far, has it not?"

To say the least.

"As I was saying, there are some who use sex as the bridge, but it can also be done by synchronizing your breath. One breathes out while the other breathes in. In and out and so forth, until you feel the pull."

"The pull?"

"It should feel similar to the Call. Let the feeling rise and pull it to the forefront of your mind. The best I can describe it is that there will be a shimmering. Adora, you will need to grab hold of the shimmering and draw from it." A wry smile curved her mouth. "I'm sorry I can't explain better. This isn't precisely something that's done amongst my people, and all I have is conjecture and my own experiences drawing from my mate. However —"

"We understand the however. No need to go into detail," Kieran interrupted.

His mother grinned. "Denial is not healthy."

"Too much information is unnecessary."

"Anyway," she continued, "if the breathing doesn't work, then perhaps you can try the other way. If you're reluctant to use sex as a method though, don't worry - you can try it as a last resort. I haven't found it to be a significantly better method. Although easier for some, it's not for everyone."

"Right." I looked around the room.

Funnily enough, I didn't seem to be the only person not keen on the idea of more sex. It'd be worrying, if I wasn't just so tired of it being a chore that needed to be done.

"I'm sorry, dear one. It wasn't meant to be like this," Fiona murmured. "The Call would draw Fated mates together, the pull so that even the most jaded would be able to recognize their mates. The making of a child was to be joyous, every foray added pleasure to the bond that would solidify the connection between mates. And this..." she trailed off and her gaze dropped, her mouth turning down. A single tear fell and she brushed it aside, the gesture abrupt, almost angry.

"I know," I soothed.

"Oh, what am I doing. You hardly need my tears in addition to everything else."

"Mother," Kieran murmured.

Fiona gifted her son a watery smile. "Don't worry, Kier. It's just that I've been hoping so hard for you to find a mate, never thinking that this was in the cards."

I stiffened. Fiona had been hoping for a mate for Kieran? Why, when he had Lucas and Jaceon?

Lucas caught my eye and shook his head slightly.

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