Chapter Two

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Okay, I wanted to give back to my readers. Something light, fluffy and filled with some citrusy good times (and some drama). I posted something in my Facebook group: Tufano79's Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation and I got some great ideas. Clo came up with an idea that really captured my attention and I think I can finish it in five chapters. So, thank you to everyone who helped me brainstorm or offered me ideas. If I get a chance, I'll work on writing those, too, but they would lend themselves to a longer story. I wanted something short and sweet.

Now, none of this is mine. It never will be ... I just like to play in the world that Stephenie Meyer created with Edward and Bella. I want an Edward. Just saying ...

Bella is a hard-working, cold executive. But, she's that way because she was led to believe something by her family, her brother, in particular. You'll find out what coming up ... thank you for reading, folks.

On with it!

Chapter Two


I jolted awake. My eyes fluttered open and I saw that I was inside the Cullen garage. Edward walked over to the passenger seat, still wearing his coveralls and heavy winter jacket. "I'm sorry I woke you," he said. "You just crashed."

"Snow makes me edgy," I shuddered. He helped me down and stepped back, tugging off his leather gloves. "It always has. Especially after ..."

"The car accident," Edward said. "My dad told me about it. You were lucky, Bella. You could have died."

"Yeah, it taught me never to trust the weather. Snow, in particular," I snorted, stepping away from the truck. "The car was totaled, but I just had bumps and bruises. But, I made a new friend out of the deal and we went to prom." He smiled crookedly and chuckled, looking down at his feet. "That was the best night I'd had, Edward."

"Me, too. It was the first time since Mom died that I wasn't sad," he shrugged, shaking his head and gesturing behind him. "Are you hungry? I don't have much. Just some frozen meals, and the microwave works well."

"You stay here?" I asked, pointing to the garage.

"No. There's a small apartment that I converted when I sold my folks' place," he said. His eyes flashed with something, but I couldn't decipher it. "Come on." I nodded, following him through the garage and to homey, but tiny apartment above the main garage. The apartment was furnished with shabby furniture. I recognized some of it from the Cullen house from when he brought me to his house to take pictures for his dad on prom night. The rest appeared to be from Goodwill or Salvation Army.

"You built this place?" I asked. "I don't remember this being here." I took off my coat and Edward put it in the closet. He was quiet, appraising me.

"I needed a place to stay after I sold the house. My best friend, Emmett, he helped me and Mr. Banner, who worked for the school, but did work for the city, got me the permits and shit. From planning to building, I was moved in six months. The house sold a month after that," he shrugged.

"Why did you sell the house?" I asked.

"Pay the bills," he frowned. "Mom's cancer ... she ... the medical bills were through the roof. I'm still paying those off and she's been dead for over a decade." He shifted on his feet. "Do you want to sit? Some coffee?"

"Sure," I nodded, moving to sit on the couch. Edward darted into the kitchen. I heard him strip off his coveralls and putter in the kitchen. It was so weird, being with him. The last time I'd seen him was at high school graduation, but he wouldn't even look at me. He was cold, distant. It shocked me, to be honest. We'd had a wonderful time at prom, laughing, dancing and being named prom king and queen. We even shared a sweet kiss on my doorstep. Then, the next school day, I went up to talk to him and he turned the other way, stomping toward the garage at our high school. Each day, I'd try to talk to him, only to get my heart crushed.

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