🎄Christmas Present🎄- Cole

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It's that time of year again! Christmas!

You thought back on what memories you had of your first Christmas as you looked at the picture of you and Cole. He was 4 and you were 7 months.

You heard a chuckle, "Still have it huh?" It was your brother

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You heard a chuckle, "Still have it huh?" It was your brother.

"Yep, wouldn't lose it for the world."

"Come now, it's time to watch a Christmas movie!" He smiled and pulled you up.

You smiled, "Tell me Zane made the treats."

"Don't worry he did, most of them anyway."

You chuckled, "What movie we watching?"

"Nightmare before Christmas!!" Loyd yelled.

"Oh, come on! Santa clause 3!" Jay said.

"No! The Polar Express!" You chuckled.

"My sister has the say!" Cole grinned.

You smirked and put in The Polar Express.

"Oh come on, I hate that movie." Zane said.

"Woah unexpected." You said and sat by your brother.

"What, I do hate somethings."

"Guess so." Jay said.

The movie started, and you cuddled up to Cole eating your Christmas cookies.

Zane had plugged his ears for the whole movie, yep, that how bad he hated it.

You however, loved it and enjoyed having time with your brother.

Cole smiled when he saw you has fallen asleep. "Love ya sis." He kissed your head.

This was a great Christmas, no scratch that the best. Not because of gifts, or food, or movies. But because you had your brother back, and that's all you could ever want.

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