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Parents have this thing almost like a sixth sense. It's like they know where their child is doing something they shouldn't or have hurt themselves. It was the feeling I was getting now, while I was preparing dinner.

"Paxton?" I asked, towards the play pen where my son had been playing.

A rush of panic washed over me when I realized it was empty. I couldn't help but imagine the worst for my missing child. 

"Paxton!" I called out louder this time,  running around the kitchen looking for the sight of him.

I then caught eyes of a powdery mess on the floor, and in the midst of it sat my son.

"Paxton Woods!" I scolded the baby, picking him up out of the mess of flower. He gave me a look of a smirk almost as if it say 'you caught me, but what are you gonna do about it?'

"You almost gave me a heart attack! You cannot do that to me,  pumpkin." I said kissing his flowery, soft, brown hair that resembled mine uncannily.

"I sorry daddy" he said giving me the puppy eyes, knowing it would calm me down.

"I know pumpkin but you made such a big mess. I have to give you a bath now, but you'll have to wait till I clean up the mess. Don't even try and leave the play pen because I'll find you, ya little punk.'' I said with a sigh.

He let out a long , dramatic, sigh and flopped down on my shoulder.

"No daddy!" He whined which turned into a pout.

"This is your own fault, little man. It will only be two minutes or so, then daddy will come get you and give you a bath, okay? I asked.

"Otay!" He said with a  smile, as I sat him back into his play pen.

I smiled my little toddlers language before, going to go clean up his mess. He's a messy boy just like his other dad who's name shall not be mentioned. Thankfully, he had my hair, nose and face shape. Except his crystal blue eyes was a trait from the other.

I heard the song of my phone go off as I dumped the last bit of flower into the trash can.

"Dadaaaaa!!" Pax cried, hearing the timer go off.

"Im coming pumpkin!" I called out to the baby, making my way over to his playpen.

He cheered when he saw me, and lifted his arms up motioning for me to pick him up. I lifted him into my arms, resting him on my hip.

"Hi baby, lets go take that bath I promised you!" I smiled, ticking his belly.

"Otay!!" He giggled, as I continued my way upstairs.

I walked through his room, being careful not to get any flower on his clean carpet. I continued to his race-car themed bathroom, and sat him down on the counter, dusting out the flower out of his hair.

"Mosic!" He started to chant, pointing towards the small radio that was sat on the counter. 

One minute, Pax. I'll turn it on once we get you in the bath." I say, pulling off his messy shirt.

"Otay." He said, as I continued to undress him. I grabbed a couple of his toys from his little bin hanging from the door. I checked the water, making sure it was a perfect temperature for him, before sitting him in the water.

He let out a giggle as the warm water hit his pale skin. I did as I promised the toddler and turned around to turn the radio on. I pulled back my sleeves preparing to wash his hair when that song began to play. It was the song that was written about me, I froze taking in the lyrics.

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