Act One: 1

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For a vocal intro from Colton himself, click the video up top! And if you enjoy the read, consider voting as he suggests!

So I slam Danny down face first on the desk, bring his arm way up his back and sort of fall on top of him to keep the other kids away.

They were ready to tear him apart, the rest of the kids in Miss Taylor's class. I had to really hunker down to keep my balance, they were yanking on me so hard.

And even as I'm trying to save his goddamned life, the fool keeps trying to kick me in my junk and hissing, "You're dead! You hear me? You're fuckin' dead!"

Which of course just makes Lakesha, this big black girl who sort of instigated the whole thing, get all up in his face yelling, "He dead? Mutha fukka who down, yo?"

And Danny, who just never knows when to shut the fuck up, hisses, "Shut up! Dumb black bitch!"

But I shoved his face back down and told her, "Just go check on the teacher, wouldja? See if she's still down."

And for once, Lakesha actually did what somebody asked her to do. She didn't give me any lip at all, she just went running to check on the teacher he'd just popped in the jaw. I think mostly because that's where the real action was by that time. There were all kinds of people crowded around her by then. News travels fast at DeGrazia. Bad news, especially.

So I eased up on Danny's arm a little bit and said, "What the fuck, man?"

And he starts kicking and struggling again and yells, "She come up behind me!"

And man, that made all the other kids standing around us start screaming and trying to get at him again, until I barked, "Hey! I got this! Go find security or somethin' for Chrissake!"

That gave them something else to live for, I guess, because most of them went rushing away as soon as I said it. One girl managed to slap him upside the head real hard, though, on her way past. Left her hand print on his cheek, she hit him so hard.

And I said, "You're lucky I got here first, dumb ass."

So Danny starts huffing and puffing like a damned locomotive, and screams, "I didn't know it was her!"

"That's not gonna cut it with the cops, pal."

So he gives me, "I didn't know it was her," for the second time. And starts sort of snivelling then. Which made me feel kind of bad.

I mean, he was a scrawny little hatchet-faced sucker, Danny. Biggest things on him were his Adam's apple, ears and feet. And mouth, I guess, too. Which was always getting him into trouble.

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