Chapter 1

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The fall weather in New York City was beautiful today. The light breeze prickled my skin as I sat on a wooden bench. I was in a park which was just a block away from my apartment, staring into nothing in particular. The leaves had fallen onto the ground as the trees were getting ready for winter.

I had been trying to steal my thoughts away from what had happened the past week. A very well-respected man like Wilson Alexander didn't deserve this. He was my boss and at the same time he was already like my father. I had worked for him as his personal assistant for the past three years. Never had I encountered a hard time working for him. He was always so cheery and full of life. He may lose his temper at times but he never failed to apologize right after he had cooled down. I didn't blame him though; he was after all the CEO of Alexander Corporation. The pressure from running a business successfully was his responsibility.

Alexander Corporation was one of the biggest companies in the hotel industry. They had a number of hotels all around the world with exceptional building structure and first class services were offered. I had never been to any of them except for the one that was located here in New York. The place was beyond spectacular if you asked me.

I was never the type to own or live much in luxury since my parents had left me at the age of sixteen. I had lived an ordinary life during my childhood days. We didn't have much but I was contented because I had my own perfect family. We had each other. We were happy.

At twenty-three years old, I had been living on my own. I had stayed with my grandmother until I graduated from high school. After graduation, I had packed all of my things up to find a job opportunity in New York. I was already of legal age so I tried supporting myself from then on. I still visited my grandmother from time to time especially during the holidays. I knew that I shouldn't have left her behind since she was the only family I had but I couldn't live off of my grandmother for the rest of my life.

Wilson Alexander found me three years ago. It was around a year and a half after I left for New York City. That day, I woke up early to dress myself into corporate attire. I wanted a change of scene from waiting tables. So, I decided to submit applications to a number of companies that were in need of a rank and file employee.

Alexander Corporation was my fifth stop that day. My feet began to hurt when I walked in heels all morning trying to impress everyone. I was also smiling too much as my cheeks started to ache from greeting a lot of people who worked inside the building. I was exhausted. There was no way these people were going to hire me. I thought sourly. I was on the verge of giving up but I kept moving forward. I dragged my feet onto the tiled floor without really looking to where I was going until I bumped into someone.

The force made me lose a step and was about to fall when I suddenly felt strong hands that held both of my arms to steady myself.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" I practically yelled in panic.

Wide-eyed, I tried composing myself and stepped back from the person that I just bumped into. I looked up and saw those golden eyes looking at me in amusement.

I heard him chuckle and said, "Woah there, you should watch where you're going and maybe try to relax. You look disheveled."

"I'm so sorry, sir. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going." I said nervously.

He then smiled warmly at me, "Well, may I ask what a pretty girl like you is doing here inside my building?"

Did he just say that this was his building?

I gulped, "Excuse me?"

"What's your business here in Alexander Corporation?"

"I-I was hoping to submit my resume at Human Resources." I said, stuttering my words.

He nodded in understanding. He then stared at me intently for a few seconds before he said, "You have no idea who I am, do you?" He paused as he waited for me to reply. When I didn't answer, he grinned at me, "Wilson Alexander, owner and CEO of this building. It's a pleasure to meet you, miss?" He extended his hand to offer a handshake. I was pretty surprised how he didn't sound arrogant as he introduced himself. I just stared at him awkwardly and then came into realization that he wanted to shake my hand.

I then began to stutter, "" I laughed at my own silliness since I wasn't usually this nervous. "Olivia. My name's Olivia Bailey." I formally shook his hand and I knew that my hands began to feel sweaty. I had been a nervous wreck in front of the CEO of Alexander Corporation. It definitely was not a good first impression.

"Such a pretty name." He smiled warmly then an unexpected question escaped from his lips. "I'm headed out for lunch. Care to join me? I have a proposition that might interest you."

We just met and he immediately wanted to have lunch together? I didn't even know this man. If he was interested in me, I wasn't really the type to date older men. When I meant older men, like grandpa old. I wasn't going to lie; he actually looked good for his age. How he dressed himself in a well-tailored suit made him look pristine. He had hazel eyes that were wrinkling from the side. His silvering hair was noticeable which gave away that he was probably around in his fifties.

I was silent for a while, contemplating if this was a good idea. Why would he even suggest that we have lunch together? What was so special about me? I was just an ordinary woman with a job experience that was not worth bragging about.

I heard him chuckle all of a sudden. I looked up and met his warm gaze. "If you're thinking that I'm asking you out to a lunch date then you're wrong. I'm interested about your potential that I see in you right now. I want to offer you a position here in this company. Are you up for it?"

Was he serious?

He was willing to give me a job that easily?

"Really?" I couldn't contain my excitement that bubbled inside of me but I had to hold it in until after I finished lunch with Mr. Alexander. I couldn't believe my luck. I never thought that this kind of opportunity could happen to me. I was still a bit wary about all of this but it might turn my life around for the better. We would just have to see.

He smiled at me again. "Yes. I'm not usually this informal but I have a different feeling about you. Have you decided if you're joining me for lunch?"

I just nodded silently. He then asked, "Shall we?"

He gestured his hand for me to go first. I started to walk as he fell into step with me. I looked up and smiled at him brightly, "Thank you, Mr. Alexander."

"Please. Call me Wilson."


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