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IvoryAnna here. So I hope you enjoy the story. If you have tips for a new title it would be appritiated. I'm calling my readers Waterns. That's citizens of Waterberry. Enjoy. Saints' Speed, Waterns.  -Anna

I woke up staring at the purple velvet ceiling of my canopy bed. Someone was knocking on my door. I jumped up and slipped my feet into my purple silk slippers. I ran to the door and opened it. I instantly regretted it. My room flooded with girls in silk nightgowns and slippers.

"Mckenna, what are you doing? We have to get to breakfast," said WIllow, my 12 year old sister," and then we have to get to our tutor's apartments." "Yes, we have to go now. We don't want the Queen angry at us," answered Aqua, my 11 year old sister. "Then why are you all still in you nightgowns,"  I replied. Aqua and Willow looked at each other. Their eyes growing wide. Willow turned around and grabbed hold of our youngest sister, Saige's hand. Then she grabbed Violet's hand, my 7 year old sister. She lead them out of the room and down the hallway. I knew they were heading to the nursery. All ten of my younger sisters had to sleep in the nursery. Aqua lead the 6 year old twin, Ginger and Goldwhen, back to the nursery. That left me alone with the 10 year old twins, Primrose and Roseatta, 9 year old Evening Pinerose, and 8 year old Poppy. "Come Poppy," said Primrose," we have to get to breakfast." She turned and ran down the hallway, dragging Poppy after her. "Rosie, Eve are you going to go, so I can get ready." They turned and left. 

 I went and closed the door. Then I turned around and went into my dressing chamber. My whole closet was full of dark purple silk, satin, cotton, velvet, and any other cloth you could think of. All of my clothes were one color, dark purple. Our stepmother (aka the Queen), liking order as she does, made us all wear a color we picked. Mine was dark purple. Willow's was light green, all of her clothes were light green. Aqua's color was light blue. Primrose's color was light pink. Roseatta's color was red. Evening Pinerose's color was hot pink. Poppy's color was orage. Violet's color was violet. Ginger's color was dark blue. Goldwhen's color was dark green, and Saige's color was pink. 

I reached out and grabbed a dark purple, long sleeved, cotton dress. I slipped it on. It went clear to my ankles. It was my school uniform. I had to wear it when ever we had class in our tutor's apartments. My sisters had to wear one just like mine but in different colors. I turned around to where my tights and leggings hung. I grabbed a pair of cotton leggings and slipped them on under my dress. Then I went to find my shoes. They were black leather boots that came to my knees. Then I went out into my dressing room and put my nightgown in my wash-bin. Then I put my slippers back next to my bed. I finished with making my  bed. I might be a princess, but I am not a slob. 

I turned around and ran out of my room. I ran down the hall to where he nursery was. The door was closed. I opened it and peeked inside. It was empty. My sisters must be in the dinning hall. I closed the door and ran down the hall to the servant stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a hallway with many doors. These doors lead into the library, Father's office, picture gallery, tapestry gallery, and the Queen's office. I walked out of the hall and into the Entrance Hall. The Grand Staircase was located directly in front of the main doorway. On both ends of the Entrance Hall were doors. The door on the left lead into the dinning hall. The door on the right lead into the ballroom. I went into the dinning hall. There were my ten sisters, in their uniforms and eating breakfast. Father and the Queen were already there, and I knew I was in trouble.

The Queen stood. "Yet again you are late for breakfast, Mckenna. Amber." Amber was the Queen's lady-in-waiting. "Yes, my queen?" "Take Mckenna to my office." "Yes, my queen. Come Crown Princess." I looked at Father and he just looked down at his breakfast. I was hoping he would step in and save me for once. But he never has and never will. There was nothing that I could do so I just followed Amber out into the Entrance Hall. She took me back into the hallway I had just come down. We stopped at the third door on the right. The door was dark oak wood, just like all of the doors in the palace. This one had a sign that read, Queen's Office. Amber opened the door and held it while I walked in. As soon as I was inside, she shut the door and locked it. I was all alone. 

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