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Laura is somewhere else now

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Laura is somewhere else now. She doesn't know where exactly...

Her awareness is planted deep: someplace warm, dark, and silent.

There's nothing loud here, no hard edges, no constant stream of voices telling her what to do.

She wants to lay here forever... a single long moment stretched out like the bottom of an ocean until...

A dim kind of awareness gradually creeps in.

Laura realizes she is way up high looking down at something... lights and shapes are coming slowly into focus.

She sees herself.

She sees Col. Baldwin operating on her brain...

He digs around in her red hair; removing skin tissue and taking out gray matter from inside. Like a jeweler, his hands are very delicate; replacing bits and pieces, filling in blank spaces with rusty old radio parts, finally lacing up the inside of her scalp with brightly colored ribbons of electrical wire.

Then, when all that is done, he connects Laura to a dusty old black box, the paint chipped away on the sides. It is a spectrometer; one that will recalibrate her bio-electrical signal to receive and transmit a special frequency...

Laura's body shakes and convulses when Col. Baldwin flips the switch for the first time... But Laura out-of-time-and-space just watches with curiosity and a certain kind of sadness from above.

She feels some enveloping; something warm and welcoming that wraps around her.

It's a new skin, a new body, and it now becomes part of her forever.

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