11- daddy issues

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The cool wind from the open car window blew at my hair, whipping it into my face. Small strands brushed against my cheeks and eyes as I tried to tame them, brushing it behind my ear. The road I was driving on was dark and quiet, which was strange for it being midnight on a Saturday. I looked around at all of the houses, not quite sure where I was going until I got there. Parking the car on the side of the road, I hopped out and walked to the empty park.

I wasn't ready to go home yet. My nerves were still bouncing around from the events of the past couple of days. Information surged through my brain as I tried to piece it all together and figure out what to do next. Sitting down on a swing, I pushed off the wood chips and started swinging back and forth, the cold air stinging my cheeks.

I knew I shouldn't see him again. It was obvious now why he doesn't let people in. If he does, they're put in danger just like I was. The men he was working for didn't seem to have any reservations about using pain to get what they wanted. Therefore, I definitely shouldn't get any closer to Tyler than I already was.

But what if I helped him? There had to be a way to get him out of the situation he was in, not that I knew much about it. I so badly wanted to know the details, what they had on him to force him into this life, if he even was being forced.

As I leaned back in the swing, I closed my eyes and let the air pass around me. A deep sigh escaped my lips as I hopped off. I was being foolish. I should let it go for his sake, as well as for my own.

I sat on that swing for over an hour before I finally made my way back to the car. Leaning back the passenger's seat as far as it could go, I layed some of the t-shirts Tyler bought me over my body and slept. 


My knuckles ached from pounding on the punching bag, each hit delivering a new ounce of pain on my muscles. Sweat dripped down my body as my unruly hair clung to my face, but my eyes stayed focused.

"You look like shit. Did you sleep at all last night?" I didn't even glance at Heath as he stood next to me, arms crossed and watching intently as I delivered a roundhouse kick to the middle of the bag. 

"Nope." As hard as I tried, it was nearly impossible to get real sleep with the threat of cops or stragglers creeping up on my car.

Heath, just some guy I sometimes ran into at the gym, watched me for a while longer before giving me a pat on the shoulder. "Nice to see you here again." 

I spent the next couple hours here, running, lifting, and boxing. I couldn't go home yet if I wanted to sell my music festival story, so I had a lot of time to kill. After showering, I sat at a sandwich shop with phone and started my research. 

There was an article about the robbery and as my eyes scanned the page, I held my breath. The identity of the robber was a mystery to them but the shop owner as well as a camera proved that he had taken a young brunette. Thankfully, no one was reported missing so nothing had come of it so far, but just seeing my very blurry picture on the news outlet was enough to cause a slight panic.

By three, I had run out of ways to entertain myself and finally walked into my apartment with bags in hand.

"Aly, thank God you're alive!" Carly exclaimed from the table. Jess was sitting with her, both of them surrounded by books and empty snack bags. As soon as I had entered, both sets of eyes looked at me with surprise.

"Yep, I'm alive. No need to be alarmed." I replied with a smile as I dropped my bags in my room.

From there, the questions began.

Where did you stay? How was the festival? Are you crazy? Ya know, the typical stuff. Since I was a skilled liar and an even better investigator, I had all of my answers prepared before I even got there. Thank you, Google.

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