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"Ow come on it's not like we would stay and remain  friends. So there's no point of knowing me. Let's just enjoy our strangely date" I said

Come on! It's not like I don't want to be her friend, is just that SHE'S KENDALL JENNER! I'm just no good for her. I'm just that nobody...

I'm just a Nobody... Just like what she told me years ago.


" you know what? They're right! Maybe you just wanted me for money and fame! I SHOULD HAVE LISTEN TO THEM! I should've not trust you nor lo-love you" her voice cracked and stared to cry as she said the last part.

" Babe NO! You know that isn't true. I LOVE YOU! You just misunderstood it, it's not how it looks like. How can I cheat on you when all I feel is that you're my everything. Baby please believ--" I didn't even finish my words when she cut me off

"Believe you? You expect me to be believe you?! I saw everything Y/N! I saw you both kissing! And what the fuck would you want me to believe? That you both are just talking?! Cut the bullshit Y/N! I'm not dumb not to know you're cheating! I should have see this coming. I should have not let you enter my life to the point you became my life but NOW WHAT?! You broke it Y/N... You broke me" she's on her knees now, crying so hard and it hurt me seeing her like this.

"Babe you have to listen t-" she cut me off again. Not letting me explain what truly happened

"No, you listen to me. I don't wanna see you again. Please just leave me right now and never ever come back" she said as she still crying and she stood up and she open the door for me to leave

"Babe please. I didn't kiss her I swear, she kissed me and I pushed her right away but you walked away. Babe please believe m-" I was also crying cause I know if i leave this place, there's no going back

"LEAVE! I said LEAVE!" She said as she's pointing the exit.

I was now on my knees begging for her "Babe please, No. We can work this out. I love you with all my heart, I don't know what to do without you" i grabbed her hands and kissed them as I beg for her to forgive and stay with me "babe please. You still love me right?" I said as I'm crying my heart out but she pulled her hands away

"You're also my everything you know, I also love you with all my heart, I sacrificed a lot for us to work but look what I got? You just hurt me so much like my heart is about to give up beating... And now, you're no longer my everything, you're just nobody. So please can you leave now and don't ever come back. Please just leave me alone" she said with a emotionless tone. She stopped crying as if she really never loved me. I was there still on my knees crying and waiting for her to forgive me and give me another chance. But the way that she looks she's about to cry again but she's stopping it to fall and she can't even look me in the eyes.

Never ever in my entire life I would cheat in her. I loved her more than myself. I love her to the point I would do everything to make her happy but now she's hurting, she's hurting because of me. And it hurts like my heart is being shattered into pieces seeing her like this. I don't want her suffering like this, even if it kills me leaving her, I would do it if it means she would be healed. As I said, I love her too much I would do everything, even it's against my will.

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