Matsuura Kanan x Suicidal! Abused! Female! Reader

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The blonde didn't dare to see and the red-headed simply ignored everything that happened while the brunette was destroying my face completely.

They left me alone after almost killing me, except for the red-headed that just stared at me and minutes later she helped me out.

She freed me from the ropes and put my left arm over her shoulders and carried my bag with her left hand, her bag resting on her left shoulder.

"You should say something you know?" Her voice was always serious but when she was helping me like this, she will smile every once in a while.

"I won't" I always answered like that. Every time we did this, walking by this pacific forest for her to leave me a few squares before my home but I believe she will have to leave me in the entrance of it.

"Why?" Well, that's a surprise, before she answered "Your funeral", from where did she get this interest?

"It's complicated" We arrived to the road and continued walking along it, my uniform and the white long sleeved blouse I used below it were both covered in dirt and in my shoulder there was this little trace of my blood.

"Complicated enough to almost die every day?" We stopped for a little bit and sat on the sidewalk, she grabbed a tissue from her bag and cleaned my face and the blood that was trickling from my mouth.

"You could say it like that" She sighed at my answer and helped me to stand up again, the way we've been walking all this time.

"You surely love Kanan a lot huh?" She continued to surprise me as at this time of the day she would be utterly quiet, anyone could get a word from her.

"Of course" I smiled and those were the last words of our conversation.

Some minutes passed and we continued walking, arriving to the residential zone of Uchiura, right in front of my house where she left me.

"Good luck" She said before walking away.

I sighed at her usual way of saying goodbye, she was a mysterious girl and even if I don't know her name she knows almost everything about me, she even knows my everyday life when I arrive home and closed that door.

Then, I grabbed my bag that was in the floor and started to enter my house. The moment my foot touch the floor inside of my house I could hear both of my parents screaming my name.

So, tell me, what is the correct definition of home?

Time skip: Midnight

Kanan's POV

I must be crazy...

I'm walking through the endless night in the freezing breeze in the middle of the residential zone, inside of the city of Uchiura.

My girlfriend, she is a very mysterious girl, always disappearing after school ends and the next day you will see it as if she ran a marathon, but she wasn't like that before we started dating, she was always with us and even helped me when I was depressed about the fact that Mari left.

Also, people said me that she was actually cheating on me, that she didn't love me anymore, especially a brunette girl that always finds the time when I'm alone and asks me if I have seen (Y/N) around and starts to tell me all about (Y/N) and what does she do in the afternoon. But I wanted to hear the truth from (Y/N), even if she is lying to me I will believe her but I need for her to tell me that those are all lies...

Finally, I arrived. I'm in front of her home, in a long sleeved blue sweater, sporty pants and tennis shoes. From the pocket of my pants I got my cellphone and dialed her number.

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