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Warning: Self-harm, Abuse and other situations that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

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A Place To Call Home

Your POV

It is said that all the humans, with no exception, need to have a place to call home, but what happens if your home and the rest of the world have no difference in between them?

I wonder, if my life could be any different if I hadn't asked the swimmer to go out with me, I wonder what would have happened if she had rejected me the instant I confessed.

This has been happening ever since Kanan and I started dating over two years ago, almost three, some weeks after Mari went away with no signals of coming back. In that time, Kanan was not the same, she was missing something and you could say that in the middle of her torment a light appeared right in front of my eyes, an opportunity and I took it. At that time, neither of my parents knew that I was not into boys and the school didn't see me as a threat or competition for any of the three young idols, so when Kanan and I started dating everything went down...

A normal person would have surrendered long ago, break up with Kanan and all of the problems will have a solution, well, I'm not just the one you have been looking. I have done and I will do everything if it's for her, even now that she is practicing with Aquors once again pursuing one of her goals and I couldn't be any happier for her.

At least that what I would like to believe...

"Your girlfriend won't come to save you, huh?" Tied up to a tree, beaten up, my sight became red due to the blood falling onto my eyes, all of my surroundings threatening to disappear at any moment. "It looks that she doesn't love you anymore!" The person who was beating me, a third-year, same as I, she is crazily in love with Kanan and so, when I started to go out with her, she along with two other girls have been doing this almost every day, being more creative as time passed. Either way, Kanan doesn't know anything about this and this time, the girl in front of me wanted Kanan to look at my miserable state and to break up with me by placing a letter in her bag, the same letter that I stole and hid it.

"Come on! Don't tell me that you can't take it anymore!" The blonde exclaimed with a sarcastic tone, the leader was a brunette and the one in the left that wasn't talking was a red-headed, all of them with the same eye colors as their hair.

"We will see about that!" The brunette punched right in the face with all of her strength, blood got out of my mouth as my face was launched to my right side almost hitting the log in which I was tied up.

She was about to deliver another punch but my phone rang, inside of my bag that was beside the red-headed, someone sent me a message.

The brunette started to walk towards my bag and got my phone out from it and when she was the message she went all berserk towards me, not before reading the message aloud for the other to not interrupt her.

"I love you, from Kanan"

Punch after punch, kick after kick, the brunette started to free all of her frustrations in my body, damaging it more than usual and not even bothering that tomorrow everyone will see what she has done to me.

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