X : Yellow

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All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting.
My hands are shaking from all this.


I walked out the back door of Caulfield's and breathed in a cold air of the night, it's been a long day. I wanted to go back to my warm bed so bad, so I hurried my steps up, hope there's still a taxi to catch or i might have to walk all the way home.

   The streets was quiet, most of the people are probably sleeping. I kept walking through the darkness, thinking random stuff.

   Then i felt something strange, a footsteps following me, i look behind, no one was there, maybe i was just being too paranoid.

   It happened again, this time louder, it was closer. I'm getting freaked out like a girl in a horror movie, i started walking faster, it turned to running.

   The one in the darkness after me still running towards me, I haven't stopped, still going, and going.

   "Ah!!" I bumped into someone in front of me. "Jon?"

   Mr.Parker's bodyguard.

   "Are you alright, Ms.(L/n)?" He asked.

   "I think someone followed me."

   He was real concerned, grabbed out a... gun? Oh my lord, a real gun out of his shirt's pocket.

   He passed me to another guards that i can't remember his name, he took me in a car.

   "This car is bulletproof, you'll be safe in here." He told me, closed the door right after and walked out.

   Wait? What is happening here? I looked out the mirror and noticed how many Parker's mens are in this alley. It was like i was a president or something.

   Jon and the rest walked around with their gun to find the stalker I mentioned, they then gave up, and Jon got in the car, drive for me.

   "What's happenings, Jon?"

   "I don't know."

   (Author : You kNow NothiNg Jon Snow. *easter eggs*)

   "Then why did you all came here just in time?"

   "Mr.Parker received a threatened message just a while ago."

   He started driving, I noticed the other guards got in their cars, driving along next to ours. "A threatened message about?"

   "Your life."

   "What?" I gasped, everything happened too fast, I don't think i can breathe. "What should i do?"

   "We're taking you to Mr.Parker's castle in Nevada, you'll be safe there."

   I didn't think it was a good idea to just leave New York, but if someone really wants to kill me i should better run to somewhere safe.

   We drove away from the city, it's peaceful and quiet. I realized i love running away from my problems, the money, all the debts, it would be nice to escape everything without causing any consequences.

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