Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

I cleared my throat and that seemed to bring her back to reality. She was so lost in her thoughts; I didn’t think she realized I was still standing there. Hell, I didn’t know why I was, either. But she was alone for the moment- no musician hanging on her- and admittedly she did look good in that little black dress, seemingly searching for someone all of the sudden.

I had seen her before she saw me, so I had plenty of time to run my eyes over her body, noticing that while she was a great looking girl, she didn't quite fit in with the tall leggy women at the party.  In any run of the mill town she would probably be that girl next door homecoming queen, the big fish in a small pond.  But in this party she wasn't quite as polished as they were; their poreless faces just smoother than hers, the way they moved as if every gesture had a purpose.

Before I knew it she had made it over to where Tony and I were standing.  I looked up realized she was a couple feet away and I couldn’t help but stare intently into her eyes seeing that in this moment she was a small fish in a vast sea of predators.  She tilted her head slightly, like dogs sometimes do, as if curious about me. It made me want to laugh because of how adorable it was, but I held it in.

“You all right?” I smiled, “You seemed to be in a whole other world”.

She smiled back, blinking several times, “Yeah, sorry, have a lot on my mind. You enjoying the party?”

I raised my eyebrows at this. There was a question in her tone, it wasn't a casual inquiry, so I answered in like, “Yes?” I laughed.

Now it was her turn to raise her eyebrows.

I lowered my voice, “I guess since you’re gonna be working with me I should let you in on a little secret”. I leaned in and she did as well, “I hate these things.” Then I pulled my tie so it hung loosely, emphasizing my point. She laughed and I joined in, surprised at what an easy laugh she had. 

“Well, a necessary evil, I suppose. And free drinks,” she added, grabbing two glasses of champagne from a tray a waiter was carrying, handing me one.

“Thank you.” As we tapped our glasses I smiled and said, “Here’s to an open bar.”

“The ultimate perk of being an actor,” she added.

Even while she was joking with me, she seemed somewhat tense. I couldn't figure out why, but it spiked my curiosity. Knowing it was none of my business didn't stop me from wanting to ask. Before I got the chance, another waiter came by with a fresh round of champagne and Holly stopped him abruptly.

"Corbin? Oh my gosh, it's been forever, how are you?" she gushed, giving him a hug as best she could without knocking over the tray of drinks in his left hand.

"Hey Holls! You look beautiful, let me see that dress."

He took her hand above her head and made her twirl for him. She blushed and didn't make eye contact with him as she did so.

"You still look amazing as always."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You're the one that looks great. Never thought I'd see rebel Corbin Elson in a monkey suit, haha."

I felt slightly awkward watching their exchange. I wondered if they had dated or if it was more of a friendship. They seemed pretty close. He was tall and extremely muscular with dark caramel skin and a smooth shaved head.

He rolled his eyes at her. "Yeah well a job is a job. Where have you been? You disappeared off the face fo the earth a few months back. I was worried."

She looked around uncomfortably, "I've been traveling around, taking some time off away from this whole scene... But I'm back now, "she smiled.

"So I see. I'm surprised you havent been in to see me. You always graced me with your presence at least once every couple weeks."

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