Eyes On Her

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Part 3-

You turn around ready to pop someone in the face when you see the girl from the bar, you start getting sweaty hands whilst looking deep into her eyes. You look down at her lips she's saying something but you can't hear a word over the music. You pull yourself together and pull her closer to you putting your lips next to her ear and say

" I can't hear you silly, I'm just on my break. D-do y-you want to come get come air?" Look pull away quick and just stare at the floor playing with your fingers

She grabs your arm pulling you to the back door and out into the cold air, you lend against the wall running your hands through your hair your feeling this girl look at your every move. It's little awkward so you start a convo

Y/N; " So I've never seen you here before"

Demi; " yeah that's because I'm new around here"

Y/N; " aha says it's all then, because I would remember a beautiful face like yours" cheesy as your thinking to yourself and cover your face

Demi just stay looking down at the floor and you see her cheeks going a little redder you start smiling to yourself knowing what you going to say next

Y/N; " Heyy, does this beautiful lady infront of me have a name?" You say laughing.

Demi; " y-yes I-I'm Demi"

You and Demi walk back in the club laughing and joking around with each other you going to finished your shift off only 20mins left but the time feels like it's slowly right down. You can't get Demi off your mind, people keep shouting you over pulling you out your thought. As you walk over to the dude that's been shouting you for like 5mins you see Demi in your eye line you look over and she's slut dropping on some dude, your body fills with jealously.

Dude; " ma'ma? MA'MA??"

You; " sorry, what would you like?" You say not even looking at him your eyes wear glued on Demi's body the way she moved omg!

Dude; " vodka and coke, and shot of you please" he says winking at you

You; "okay sir, shot of me? You can have a shot of me when I finish in 5mins" you say into his ear, you see Demi staring at you burning her eyes into you you brush it off

After work

You grab yourself a glass of vodka neck that down, and searching through the people to find the dude from before

Dude; "boo"

You; "you fucking shit me up never come behind me like you dick" you say laughing

Dude; " haha, by the way the my name is Thomas, but call me tom" he say smiling at you.

You; " hi tom I'm Y/N shall we go dance over there?" You say pointing where Demi was she didn't know you have finished

Tom and You walk over to the place you pointed to you close to Demi but not to close, tom grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him, come pull out of him grip turn around so your back was against his front you he wraps his arms around your front you slight lush your ass against his umm.. You feel eyes looking at you but you don't give a fuck you wanted sex so you was making sure you was leaving with a lady or a dude. You turn your head to the left seeing Demi looking at you, you just smile and carry on dancing. Few more vodka more, your dying for the toilet you tell tom to get a other round in and you'll be back in two, with that you push past all the bodies in your way.

"Finally" you say to yourself making your way to the toilet, you finish walk over to the mirrors sort your dress out your hair is stuck to your face you push it to the right side letting it drop on your shoulder, you look in the mirror again and you see Demi looking at you with the "wtf" look, you smile slowly turning around. Walking closer to her right now your face in inches away from hers

You; "you okay?" You say smiling

Demi; " was you trying to make me jealous Y/N dancing with that looser?" She raises an eyebrown

You; " maybe, but did you like what you saw?" You said look deep into her eyes, and biting your lip.

Demi; " w-well your a good dancer Y/N was hoping you will come dance with me?" Shyly smiles and looks away.

You; "gladly" backing away from her grabbing her hand and pulling her to the dance floor

You can't help but check Demi's arse out whilst she's pushing her arse against your parts, you getting pretty turned on at this point, you can't handle what she's doing to you she's driving you crazy and she knew it. You pull her over to a empty table you sit down first and grabbing Demi's hands and making her sit on your lap, you pull her close to you with one hand on her back and the other resting on her thigh, you's just sat looking into each other eyes getting lost your hand slowly starts moving up her thigh you stop when you can feel the end of her dress you knew she wanted you you can tell with her eyes, but you wanted to tease her

Demi starts lending in and stops half way so slowly bring your face to hers you look down at her perfect red lips, you lick your lips bring your eyes back to Demi's, you keep bring your face to hers till your felt her lips on yours you kiss her few times, Demi still hasn't kiss you back yet. So you carry on with your hand moving up her thigh but moving it around so your hand on the inn thigh you reach her underwear and she's wet I mean it's soaking, she let's out a little moan against your lips, she starts kissing you back but you pull away and start kissing her neck you quickly find her soft spot she's moaning into your ear. It's like music. She breathing heavy

Demi; "fuck me already" she says into your ear what make you turned on just by her saying that

You; " not yet just wait baby" you look at her evilish

Demi; " I'm serious FUCK ME!!"

Heyy guy! Idk if anyone is reading it! Please tell me if it's good or not... It's my first time writing so don't hate please.. I just like the idea of writing😁 remember to vote and all that crap! I might write again later just depends



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