Wet Norwegian?! ooOOo~ (TomTord)(Smut)

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Toms Pov

The boys and I are waiting for Tord to get home so we can prank him! We have water balloons prepared in the back.

"Guys! He's here!" Edd whispered yelled from across the living room. Matt and I rushed to the back yard as Edd greeted the commie in the front. I can barely hear their small conversation from inside. "Hey, Tord. We bought a hot tub."


"Yeah. It's out back. And I already put all of you hentai mags-"

I can see Tord rushing to the backyard, practically drooling. He's so gullible sometimes when it comes to pleasure. He stopped to a grinding halt, curious of where the gift is. I signaled Matt from the bush on the other side to attack.

"Where?-" Matt and I stood up, throwing as many balloons as we can. "AHK! What the hell?!?!" I threw the last one at his face. "UGH! Tom!!" The three of us, Edd, Matt and I, laughed at our successful prank. "What-....this isn't water. It smells!!"

"HA! That's because I filled them with Smirnoff!" I laughed even harder, holding my stomach from the pain.

"UGH! I'm so wet! And smelly!" Tord complained,  stripping himself of his shirt. Taking a look, I saw bullets of alcohol stream down his surprisingly toned muscles. For some reason, I got a small boner from this. I blushed pure red at the realization.

"holy shit!-" I cursed under my breath.

"Damn Jehova..." He gave me a death glare, which made my boner grow more because....well...he looks hot when he's angry. Especially now, he's wet....Fuck, I think I'm attracted to him. Sexually. "Tsk. I'm taking a shower.."

Tord walked inside to get clean. Edd and Matt just stopped laughing now. Their faces were pink and hurting a lot. They're not always like this. Normally, they would crack jokes, not participate in prank with me.

Ugh...I got to take care of my *looks down* prooobleeem. I could just master-bate it off, but then this will be routine since Tord is angry most of the time. I mean-he hates me! And he'll probably find out soon enough as well. For example, he'll barge into my room to pick a fight, but then be speechless since my hands would be down my pants, moaning his name.

He's getting ready for the shower now, maybe if I....sneak into the bathroom and work my magic, we can fuck! Hopefully....

Tord's a horny guy himself. I mean, he was just drooling at the thought of a hot tub and hentai moments ago. Fuck it. Lets do the Norwegian.


Peeping through the slightly opened bathroom door, I can see Tord stripping off his pants. His back is facing towards me, which is good. He won't see me enter. Before I do so, I pulled off my blue hoodie, dropping it to the floor. I gently pushed open the door, creeping up on him.

Then I "attacked". I gripped his hips, making sure he doesn't flee, and then I began sucking on his neck from behind him. He stiffed up at first, but then eased at the sudden pleasure. He used his arm to reach back to grasp the top of my head. Clenching the roots of my hair, he whimpered.

My fingers trailed up to his abs, tracing them gently. I continued to suck and bite, attempting to leave a bruise. Tord grunted and moaned, turning me on even more. He grown too impatient, pulled my head forward so he's kissing me. His tongue entered right away. It swirled around mine, being quick about it too. Tord paused to take a look at who he's making out with, turning around to face me. That sexy, angery look appeared on his face again. I can just imagine him saying 'I'll punish you for what you did' but before he could get the chance to say anything, I wrapped my arms around his neck, reconnecting our lips again. 

He shrunk at my confidence, and gave up. Letting me take him over. I kissed his neck once again, trailing down to his chest. Leaving slopping kisses. As I did this, I unbuckled my belt, letting my pants fall, along with my boxer shorts. Tord gripped my hair again, biting his bottom lip. Once I got down to his boner, I gave him a hand job, because I knew he was expecting a blow job. I like being a dick like that. Tord wined, then whimpered. His breathing quickened, biting down harder on his lip. So much that it started bleeding. Damn.

A cheeky smirk appeared on my face, eyes filled with lust. I stood back up, kissing him again. But this time, I focused on his bottom lip, sucking up all the blood. Leaving a sweet peck on the lips.

We're far from finished. I stepped into the shower, giving him a dirty, lustful look before grabbing his wrist, yanking him inside.

The shower was already running. So nice, hot water is hitting our skin. The small area appeared darker because of the curtains. I looked down at the vulnerable, HOT, shirtless and wet Tord before me. He kind of looks embarrassed, but I know he's ready for me. I pined him against the tile wall, going for his neck again. But I used my teeth more this time. Aaand, I gave him another hand job. Tord can no longer contain his moans. His breathing is also a mess.

I'd love to tease more to make it last longer, but I'm being impatient myself. I bent down to the shower floor, laying down on my back. He knows he needed to sit on top of me. Tord came down too, easing onto my erect member. Going slow, which is fine. I could tell it's hurting him. Damn, he's so tight though.

After waiting for his okay, I bucked my hips forward, making him bouncing up and down. Looking up is the greatest sight. In my point of view from below, I see Tord bouncing, moaning, hot water running down his fine body. This alone made me moan. Grunting, I quickened my pace. His moans grew even louder. He pressed his hands on the surrounding walls for balance.

"Rgh! Oh fUCk!...-Toom..."

"Hold it in!" Hell, I enjoy being the dominant one! I need to cum too, but I don't want this to end! We were both practically yelling in the shower, and finally, I released inside of him. Tord did as well all over my chest. Good thing we're in the shower.


"Let's never speak of this again. Got it?" Tord warned me as he opened the bathroom door. Both of us exiting.

"Oh, here's my hoodie." Bending down to pick it up, I saw two pairs of feet from down the hallway. Looking up with urgence, I see Matt and Edd, snickering, finally letting out their laughter. Tord blushed from behind me, knowing what they heard. I blushed too, but just to mess with him, I yanked him by the collar, smashing our lips together. Tord went with the kiss for a little bit. But then immediately pulled away.

"Ugh! Come on..." Tord took my hand, and ran to his room. The other two are basically dead at this point, especially after the little trick I pulled.

*In a sarcastic tone*
I guess we're going to talk about our feelings now?

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