Chapter 7

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Dedicated because I loved her book, It's Like Monopoly, But Physical and because she just updated the amazing sequel It's Like Love, But on a Post-it. Awesome reads!!

Chapter 7

I fixed my makeup pretended to be a calm, relaxed carefree girl. I had a job to do and it included looking perfect for my first date with Paul- a black and white themed party. I focused on every detail, trying not to glance at my phone- which was still not ringing. It had been 48 hours since my interview and total radio silence. And as if that was not enough, a wave of anxiety weighed down my chest as I plotted how to tell Paul about what happened with Jon. He had to know the full story eventually, but I was not looking forward to telling him. What if he pushed me away? What if he didn't? We'd talked and joked for a long time, getting to know each other, flirting, complimenting... but did he really like me? I couldn't be certain.

Once I was satisfied with my make-up, convinced that my blue eyes could not pop any more than they did, and my dark brown hair fell in seemingly natural loose curls around my face, I studied the outfits laid out on the bed. I began to narrow it down; I wanted one solid color, so picked out a tight knee length dress with a strapless sweetheart top.I shimmied into it with great effort, impressed at how great my boobs looked in the form fitting top. Once I was zipped up, I put on my sexiest black heels; the ones that every woman has in their closet that say, "I am totally doable, we are not just friends, take me right here." If I have to tell him about my past, I may as well look my best doing it.

I sprayed my wrists and neck with "Sensual", a new fragrance that even smells sexy. I dabbed my lips and checked the napkin making sure my lipstick didn't come off. It didn't smudge so I moved to my jewelry box to find a sparkling bracelet to top off my look. I had not been this dressed up in a long time. The last three months I had lived entirely in jeans and t-shirts and sweats.  As I did my final once over the sound I had thought I kept hearing finally occurred. My phone rang and I rushed towards it but stopped and took two long breaths before answering.

"Holly Preston."

"Hi Holly, this is James; James McCalman."

"Oh, hi Mr. McCalman, how are you?" I tried to sound the most aloof I had ever been.

"James, please. I'm great. I actually just wanted to call and say that the job is yours if you'd like it. I'd love for you to start in a week, if that works for you."

"Wow, that's great, I would love to."

"Okay, I'll a,  talk to Tony and have him email you all the info, the locations, the pay, dress code options, all that."

"Perfect, thank you. I will see you in a week!" I answered with a little too much excitement.

"See you then, Holly."

Just as a hung up, there was a knock at the door. I inhaled slowly in front of the mirror, not even looking at my reflection anymore, until I was calm again. Finally I grabbed my clutch and headed towards the knocking.

Paul stood in the doorway smiling as I peeked out at him. He had on an all-black suit with a black shirt and black bow tie. His hair was in a faux hawk again and his face was smooth as always. He looked incredibly handsome.

As I pulled the door open further, revealing my outfit, his face went blank and he looked me up and down only saying, "Wow". I stared expectantly, waiting for him to say whether the wow was good or bad. When he looked back into my eyes he must have noticed my hesitation..

"Holly, I'm sorry, I just don't know what to say. You look... beautiful... even more than usual."

His tone made it feel sincere. "Thank you," I smiled shyly. What I wanted to say was, you look so hot that I want to blow off this party and get you out of that suit, but instead I said, "You look handsome."

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