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"do you have to go"
dacre whined as he sat on the edge of their bed

"well unless you want me showing up naked then yes i do"
isabella laughed walking to him

dacre looked up at the girl with a smirk

"what's wrong with you"
isabella smiled slapping his arm playfully

dacre replied wrapping his arms around her waist

"damn wanna talk about it"
isabella asked running her fingers through his hair

"i'm fine you need to go"
dacre laughed standing up

"i love you"
isabella said smiling up at him

"i love you too"
he replied cupping her cheeks and kissing her

"you ready rat"
finn asked from the doorway

"yeah okay sec"
isabella said pulling away

"we'll be waiting downstairs"
finn informed

isabella nodded hugging dacre

"i'll see you later tonight"
dacre asked

"yes of course. what time are you stealing charlie and joe from me"
she asked

"uhh about noonish"
he said

"okay i'll be home later love you"
isabella smiled walking downstairs

dacre shouted from the room

isabella laughed leaving with the others

"damn bitch you look beautiful"
joe said choking up

"i can't take you seriously when you call me bitch"
isabella laughed looking at joe in the mirror

"i'm fine i swear"
david said taking a deep breath

"you're so beautiful"
alex said

"not as beautiful as you though"
isabella replied

"well clearly"
alex said

isabella laughed

"man you should wear a wedding dress more often"
natalia said wiping some tears

"i'll remember that"
isabella laughed

"i'm emo"
finn said

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