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Nawsheen's point of view

(A/N : This is just becoming really Cinderella-like)

I was choking for air, suffocated. Sania slapped my back,trying to make be go back to normal. When I regained my calmness, I cleared my throat, prepared to say a huge, fat 'NO'.

It has been a week since my 'break-in', and just today, my Aunt decided to murder me by showing me an invitation to a ball at the Castle. Just like Cinderella, a rumor was spread that the Prince might have a chance with one of the rich girls. Which excludes me. I just wanted to laugh at how cartoon-ish this was becoming. I hope I won't see any woman in a blue overall and pink bow pop out of the air, telling me they're my guardian or whatever.

"Well, I won't force you. I'll leave you to think about it but give me an answer before next week because the ball is in two weeks' time", my Aunt said and I nodded and smiled, covering my bitchy face at that moment. There was no way I was going.

"You should go !" insisted Sania, "you may not have any chance to see him again."

"That's the point. FAMO. Forget And Move On", I said and sighed. What I was feeling from inside was totally different. She looked thoughtful for a moment and clicked her fingers. I smell something... and it's definitely not good.

"Make it FAMOPP. Forget And Move On Plus Prince", she said, looking dead serious. I burst out laughing. She was so solemn and earnest in everything  she said that it made her look just so cute. HAHAHA FAMOPP !

She took the invitation and had a look at it again before gasping, "LOOK ! It's your luck. It's a masked ball, he wouldn't recognize you if you went."

At that moment, I snatched the invitation from her. Yes, it was a masked one. Still, it might not be enough. I don't know. What should I do ? Do I go, or not ? I mean, if you're reading my life because you have nothing more to do, I might as well make it a bit interesting for you, right ? Okay, I'll go.

"You could go mute if you want. You know, a dumb girl who doesn't know how to talk. Along with a mask", Sania suggested, still looking serious.

"I'll go, but not mute. I'll just have to get a really good mask", I said and she smiled, satisfied. I knew she was going because there was going to be a banquet, so that means food. We decided to start looking for someone who makes masks right after praying. I did re-start everything I used to do, along with Sania, and it feels just slightly better to be truthful... I didn't have a single idea of where we were going to find a mask but we would I guess.


Very uneffectively, we didn't.

And so we decided to make them ourselves. I told my Aunt about it and she looked pleased.

We used scraps of fabrics, artificial feathers and  some rhinestones. It was quite a convincing mask. It covered my face from my nose to my forehead.

"It's puurrrfecto !" Sania exclaimed and stetched her imaginary mustache. I giggled and agreed. Hers was a mask that just went around the eyes, saying she wouldn't be able to have her 'small' portion of food. I then realized that we would take even more time looking for a dress as we already made the masks and so we had to find a matching dress. I didn't want to make a mask over again because this one was really fine.

Once we were shopping after four days, I still felt that pang in my chest. I did really want someone to say 'boo' again in my ear. And not someone. That one. But nothing happened. Everything was back to normal and this was making me want to go to the ball even more. I was now really really impatient to attend it.

"Do you like the grey one or the even more grey one, or the really darker shade of grey one ?" Sania asked, holding three clothes-hanger with three beautiful dresses.

"The last one is black", I chuckled and she examined it carefully. "Oh, yeah, whatever. So, I'm taking the grey one, and you ?"

"The really darker shade of grey", I smiled and she stuck out a tongue at me, which I returned happily.

"Girls ! We are in a big shop, behave !" Scolded my Aunt and shook her head while smiling. Only three days to go...


This is short and yeah, never trust me again. I said I would update the day after my 'thank you' and I didn't. Sowyyy. When I was like, three years old, I had watched CINDERELLA more than 100 times because it was the only cartoo I had, and then my dad bought Dora... hehe that was totally useless, so I'm (not) sorry for wasting your time ! ^^

Words : 790 [excluding author's note]

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