Chapter 9: Two Voices

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Anastasia's Dress^^


''Ana get in here'' My sister called me into the living room. Dresses were thrown around and shoes piled up against the walls, bits of jewelry were hastily chucked on the couch. 

''What do you need Char?'' I shifted my way through the sea of clothing before I make it to my sister. 

''One month, we only have one month'' My sister muttered under her breath. 

''One month until what?''My sister raised her head, finally acknowledging my presence. 

''The Roulette Ball'' My sister rushed over to me, taking measurements of my body. ''Oh the ball that you and Ethan went to last year?''

''Yeah, thats the one'' My sister shifted through the pile of dresses before pulling out a sparkly burgundy dress and held it up to my body.''Perfect'' My sister smiled in satisfaction. ''And how about this for me''Charlotte pulled out this sky blue dress with white detailing. 

''Amazing Char, but I never go to the balls, so why this one?'' I put my dress on the couch. ''After high school your brother was thinking of finally revealing you to everyone else'' My sister pulled out a pair of heels and slipped them on her feet.''Really?'' I smiled ''Really'' She replied.

''And this ball is the biggest yet, everyone is going to be there, and it would be good experience before you become a full member'' My sister ranted to me about the ball and good it is going to be.

This is going to be fu-



My blood ran cold as I remembered that he was a gangleader and a powerful one. 

And don't forget abut everyone else

and Eric

Forget double shit just call my life a shithole of problems.

''So the ball is in one month'' I tried to distract myself before I started to hyperventilate. 

''Yep, so be ready'' I exited the room and made my way upstairs


''Morning Han'' I greeted Hannah in maths, ready to learn about the best thing in the universe


''Morning Darling'' Hannah chirped. ''How was your weekend?''

Before I got to reply a bell went off

Followed by a bunch of other bells

Now me being Ana I didn't read the rule book or anything related to school before coming here.

What a idiot I am.

''What's happening?''I glanced to see Hannah pushing out her chair and hiding under the desk.

''Get down'' She grabbed my arm and pulled me underneath ''Someone has broken into the school'' Her face was filled with worry.

Who is stupid enough to break into a school

Not any school, my school

What a coincidence that Eric showed up and all this bad stuff is happening to me...

Wait.. is it Eric. 

Before my train of though finished my phone pinged in my bag. I opened my phone and read the message from Unknown, 

Where are you princess, Daddy is home to get you

My blood froze as a gunshot went off, followed by a bunch of screams. 

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