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A/N: hey guys! I'm back with a new story. This book is the second or what we called a sequel to Immortal Love (Sasuke X Vampire!Reader X Naruto). So if you haven't read that one yet, please do so. Otherwise you'll be confused.

The Return of Naruto-

Author P.O.V

It's been 2 years since Y/N left along with Sasuke. Naruto have sworn to Sakura to bring Sasuke and Y/N back to Konoha. In order to succeed he needs to be stronger. So he left with Jiraya to train.

2 years have passed and it's time for Naruto to return back to Konoha. Even though it's been 2 years. Naruto's feelings for Y/N still hasn't change. That gives him more reason to be stronger and get her back, along with his best-Friend Sasuke.

Naruto P.O.V

It's been so long since I left. I'm so excited to be back. I wonder how everyone will be. Are they still the same?

But one thing I misses the most. Y/N.... Just thinking about her makes my heart aches. She's the girl I love the most. When I woke up that day, knowing she left with Sasuke. It breaks my heart to pieces. I miss her so much. Now that I've become stronger, I can finally bring her back.

After a while of walking. I can finally see the village gate from a far. My eyes lit up as I start running. I heard a chuckle behind me. I know it's ero-sensei. He hates it when I called him that but I don't care. He is a pervert.

I enter the village and notice Idzumo and Kotetsu is looking at me. I turn to them and send a peace sign at their direction.

I turn up the pole to get a better look of the village. "Woah! Nothing much has change so far" I say to myself smiling.

Then I heard someone calling my name. "Naruto? Is that really you?" The voice said. I look down to see the pink haired girl. Sakura. I jump down and landed infront of her. "Hey!! Sakura. You haven't changed" I say to her. She smiles at me, then she notice something "woah! You're taller than me now" she said. I just realise that too.


That's pretty much what happens the whole day. Me going around the village and meet up with everyone.

Now I'm standing in the hokage office. Granny Tsunade is telling me to find one more person so we could go on a Mission to search for Sasuke and Y/N.

First I meet Shino. He kinds off sulk because I don't recognise him right away. How am I suppose to recognise him. Half of his face is covered up. That guy is just so weird.

Then out of no where, Kiba came with his dog, Akamaru. Who's became waaaaay bigger than me. I remember when he's still a cup. Kiba have to carry him on top of his head or inside his jacket.

Then we heard a small squeak. I turn around to see nothing. But the sound come from around the corner. So I run towards the sound to find Hinata. "Oh! Hinata, I thought it was you" I said happily. Then she suddenly fainted.

She came around a few minutes later, I appear in front of her "hey Hinata, done say anything and let's get outta here" after I say that. I notice how red her face became, then she passed out again. Why did she keep on fainting when she's around me.

I continue walking around the village until I came around Shikamaru. I ask him for help but he refused saying they have already been given a Mission. Then Choji came around. We talk for a bit when out of no where Shikamaru pushed me down and Choji went to punch something. I turn to where his fist is going to see a Monster created by what seems like an ink.

We look around and found the culprit sitting against the wall. "Cover me!" I yelled. Then I start running.

When I get closer to the roof, the guy releases more Monster. But Choji defeat it. I jump toward the person and took out my Kunai and Attack him. He blocks it with a sword. We start glaring at each other, then he suddenly smile. Then he disappear.

Then a few hours later I was met up with Captain Yamato. But there's someone with him. It's the same guy that attacks us. I took out my Kunai and he reach for his sword. Captain Yamato looks at us back and fort "have you guys met?" He asks.

Then he told us that this guy is called Sai. He will be our new teammate. "Whaaaatt?! Him?!" I yelled. Then Captain Yamato looks at me with the face. It gives me a creep. "I'm fine with it... Heehehe" I say laughing nervously in the end.


We have to fight against Kakashi-sensei the next day. It's the bell test. Same old..... same old. It's starting to get boring. But whatever... As long as I got to show him what I can do.

But this time I have a trick. I told him that I know what would happen next in the book that I've given him. I told him what happens. Then he covers his ears. Later he covers his eyes. We quickly snatch the bell and we won!

Then we are off to look for Sasuke and Y/N. We left the village and head to where Orochimaru's base would be.

We search around the room. But each room is empty. I get frustrated and yell out.

"Sasukeeeee...... Y/NNNNNN?!!!"


*to be continued*

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