out of reach

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tall people skip this chapter~

you stare up at the object on top of the shelf, desperately trying to jump and reach it with no use. you pull up a chair beside it and reach out again, but still with no luck.

"hey," someone calls out from behind you. you break your concentration and turn to face him. finn. his hair is even wilder than usual. it's cute. he tries to suppress a laugh. he's been watching you failing to reach the object. 

"hi," you reply, trying not to blush

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"hi," you reply, trying not to blush. "need any help?" you nod and he pushes the chair back and swiftly grabs the object. "well, that was easy," he says then laughs. you pout up at him. "shut up, you know i'm short." he laughs again and hands you the object.

you look up at him, which is hard since you're only up to his shoulders."i love it when you do that," he says out of the blue, staring into your eyes. "do what?" you ask, looking down at your shoes. 

"pout," he says. "you look cute when you're angry." you lightly punch him in the shoulder, pretending like you don't care. "whatever," you reply. finn laughs. "see you around, y/n."

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