Chapter 25- Serendipity

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Quote of the day: "Finding your soulmate is a choice you make between following through on the journey or never at all".

-Manhattan, New York

Avelyn Perez

-American Immigration Office

"Standard Bank of America. How may I help you?" the assistant asked politely in a sotto voce tone, much to my comfort.

"Good morning, can I speak to Robert Duncan?"

Even though I was sure that I was given seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I needed to speak with Mr Duncan himself. I have known him for over a year due to my constant errands with banking.

I sat patiently in my car, in the car park, provided by the American Immigration Office. I have a meeting with an administrator in an hour. It shall be based and focused on legalising my illegal family who, when I fly them over to New York, will be considered immigrants.

"Just a moment. May I ask who is requesting to speak with Mr Duncan?"

"Avelyn Perez", I replied nonchalantly.

I waited patiently for her to dial the extension number and forward the call to Mr Duncan. Then I heard the familiar beep and Mr Duncan's modulated voice.

"Richard Duncan speaking".

"Mr Duncan, good morning...Avelyn Perez speaking", I spoke calmly.

"Oh hello, dear, how have you been?" A merrier tone welcomed me. I smiled and answered pleasantly before getting to the point of the call. "The donator was anonymous, Avelyn. The information which came in was proved that it was not an illegal transaction. I cannot release more information than that".

"Hmm...okay, thank you. I'm unsure whether I should use the money or not. I'm not comfortable with spending other's money or being given such a huge sum", I explained whilst mentally debating on how I should go about with this news.

"These things happen randomly or in some instances, the donator knows who he or she wants to send the money to. There have been cases where the transaction was made illegally but our system stops it upon recognition. I assure you, this isn't that case", Mr Duncan reassured me.

"Okay. I'd see to get the other loans paid within a daytime before I withdraw the money. Thank you once again, Mr Duncan".

"Anytime, Avelyn. If you need any advice or have any problems, contact me at seven, two, eight, forty-nine, eighty-four. Have a good day, Miss Perez".

"Thank you...same to you as well", I bid farewell before terminating the call.

I took a deep breath hoping that it will relax my distressed state of being. Calm my thought process and ameliorate my trepidatious composure.

The money could have been sent by accident, as Mr Duncan had said, or could have been sent by a known person who has access to my bank account number. If so, it narrows it down to one place or specifically, one person.

Damian Ian Elliot.

If he sent this sum of money, what in the world could be the reason for such?

What am I even going to do?

In that moment, I closed my eyes and prayed. I asked the man above to give me the strength and guide me. I needed His divine guidance. I was not sure of what move to make or how to proceed with my life.

Casting a glance at my watch, it was half-past eight, I gathered myself and left for the meeting.

Overlooking the files, Monica, the secretary with bright red lipstick peered at me and then back to the monitor. "Miss Louisa Clarke will see you in a minute, please go to the office and await her arrival. She'd be in shortly".

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