"I can't believe there's only one more show left...," Liam frowns and sighs to himself sadly. "After tonight . . . we're done yet another tour. Time flies by so fast."

"Cheer up Liam," Zayn smiles encouragingly and rubs Liam's back to comfort him. "Just think of all our upcoming tours mate."

Liam gives Zayn an appreciative smile but he's still sad. Personally, I don't know why he's sad one bit; he's always talking about how much he misses Danielle and how much he wishes he can see her practically every day. Those two are so in love with each other and it's quite obvious to everyone else. Sometimes it's cute, but other times it's just too sickening and the "You hang up first." and "No you hang up first." bit gets quite annoying after a while.

"I say we give them the best show ever then since it's our last one tonight," Louis suggests and claps his hands together rather loudly. "What do you think?"

"And how do we do that?" I ask curiously.

Louis turns to me with a huge smirk and a glint appears in his beautiful blue eyes. Whoa wait- beautiful? They're just eyes . . . eyes are all the same . . . aren't they? Well that's what I thought because they're nothing special. But if they're not, why do those piercing blue eyes stick out to me so much? I-

"Harry?" Louis calls out, now sporting a frown on his face.

I shake it off and look back at the tan older boy; forcing me to look in his eyes and block out all my weird thoughts. Louis then smiles once he realizes I'm listening and the familiar glint reappears in his eyes.

"I say we give them some Larry Stylinson love tonight," Louis says and winks.

I return the smirk and add, "Like...?"

Louis begins slowly walking over and stops once he's only a few inches away. His eyes never leave mine and I find myself holding in a breath. I wait for him to continue and my feet get numb for no reason at all.

Louis grabs a curl from my hair and twirls it around with his index finger. He seems to be really concentrated on that curl but he opens his mouth to speak anyways as he continues playing with my ringlet.

"Anything and everything you can think of. It'll be our best Larry concert yet and we'll give those Larry shippers something to talk about after tonight," he says.

I let out the air that I've been holding in and my usual flirty side comes back just in time. I close the gap between us - which wasn't much to begin with - and put my hand over his hand that's touching my hair. Louis stops playing with the curl and looks at me with an odd look. I'd ask what's wrong but it looks like Louis himself doesn't even know.

"Okay then, freestyle yeah? I'll make sure to give them something to remember," I smile softly.

Louis seems distant for one quick second before he goes back to his regular hyperactive self. He grins and within the blink of an eye, begins chasing Niall for no reason whatsoever. Niall was just eating some leftover Nando's when suddenly he has to run for his life from the wild Louis. I laugh and watch them in pure amusement.

After a few minutes have passed, they're still running around the room like there's an earthquake. Niall looks afraid and scared while clutching his chicken tightly to his chest and running away as fast as he can. Louis has a huge smirk on his face and he seems determined to catch little innocent Nialler.

I get bored a bit after watching them and turn around to see Liam staring at me with a disapproving look on his face. I jump back when I realize how close he is to me and look at him with a shocked look. Liam simply shakes his head slowly and rests his hands on his hips. I chuckle and run a hand through my hair slowly.

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