The Idea

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   He stepped forward, the gravel crunching under his boots. Blood dripped from the blade he carried into the flowers that lined the path.
"You've been consumed by the bloodlust, you're not human anymore Salem." Ciona stood at the head of the path her elegant rapier pointed at her old friend.
"You know why I killed them." He stopped about ten paces in front of her. The white flowers petals under his blade turned red from the blood dripping.
"Because they stood for what they believed in? Because they tried to stop their friend without killing him? The Crowed ought to come after you Salem." She grew with spite for her old friend.
"You know who I'm after, and she's on the other side of that mirror you're protecting. Please. Move." He pointed at the large gothic mirror that stood behind Ciona.
"I-I can't let you do that. Besides Kage and  Roy will stop you on the inside if you get through me... You'll have to kill your friend to get her!" She said, becoming fearful.
"I've already killed enough of my friends and comrades. What makes you think I won't kill you?"
He shifted the large, grotesque, curved blade in his hand. It, along with the bent wooden shaft on his back, were brutal pieces unlike those of his friends which were more crafted works that could be referred to as art.
"Salem I said you're not going to go in there unless you kill me!" She straightened her sword more sternly at him.
"So be it." He attached the blade to the shaft, which unhinged out into a scythe.
"So be it." He mumbled to himself one more time.

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