Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Nick pushed me. I fell towards the ice. He skated past me. He is the worst sore loser I have ever met. I looked down at the ice. So many lines from hockey practice. I traced one with my finger. Michael sat down next to me and rested an arm on my back. I couldn’t remember the last time we had just sat here on the ice like this.

“Why’d you let Nick come?” I asked.

“He wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

I gave a little snort, “ figured as much."

“Ready for our trip to Hawaii?” He asked me casually. He started to play with my hair.

“No, I feel horrible for taking your mom’s money.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, trying to comfort me.

“It’s this fucking Friday, I still have to get packed.”

“You have two days, that’s plenty of time.”

I stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed at me and then got up. “Says you,” I muttered under my breath. He kept on skating, probably never even hearing me.

Two days went by too fast. Before I knew it, the week was up and it was time to leave. I finished jamming some last minute items into my bag. Michael’s was already set next to his bedroom door. He had packed last night with ease. It was like he knew exactly what he was going to pack. Why is it easier for guys to pack? Why do girls have to take hours with thinking over things? More importantly why do I take the longest time and then still end up forgetting something?

“Hurry up,” Gwen’s voice echoed.

I zipped up my bag and picked it up. It was heavy so I had to drag it a little bit. Michael slipped into his room behind me and picked his own things up. He trailed behind me as I struggled to get my things down the narrow stairs. Gwen stood at the front door tapping her foot impatiently.

Michael didn’t bother to help me. Instead, he stood behind me the whole time with that smirk of his. He is way too happy for six in the morning. The birds aren’t even really chirping, why should we be awake? When we reached the landing he scooted around me. Gwen frowned at him, rolled her eyes, then walked to the car. I suppose no one is going to help me.

The back door of the car was still open thankfully. Michael had been nice enough to help me hoist my suitcase into the car. Before I could even blink he was in the car again. I hopped into the back and watched as Michael fell asleep. Gwen turned on some music and left the house.

I wanted to wave to the little house. It was nice, and a better home than my last one. I felt almost obligated to wave at it, as if it were a living thing. Honestly, I don’t want to leave. Leaving is dangerous. Although unlikely, there is a chance of never coming back. There had been times when I loved my old family. At those times I never wanted to leave them. Then things changed. They had left me. I will never get them back. They have been replaced by something evil.

“Are you going to have fun in Hawaii?” Gwen asked.

I looked out my window before answering, “I hope so. I’ve heard it’s such a nice place.”

“It’s beautiful. My aunt use to live there, I visited her sometimes,” she said.

“That must’ve been nice,” I muttered.

“It was, except for coming home was a drag.”

“Why?” I asked.

“There is a huge time zone difference. Hits you like a ton of bricks with jet lag.”

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