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Warning: From medium to heavy gore as well as situations that can affect the sensibility of the reader



The One Who I Won't Lose

Your POV

Come on and die like the monsters you are...

Get close and say goodbye to your hearts...

Pray for the time that you survive once you saw me...

The alarms were on, every soldier and human alike, not giving importance to the sex or if they had experience, came for me. The subject No.101, the Second Queen as people called me...

...Or used to call me, they are all dead now.

Stupid humans, they believed that they won the war while in reality, they continued experimenting with us.

Now, the only thing that separates me and my freedom is a single metal door, reinforced and being of twenty centimeters of pure stainless steel. They bent like paper.

Once I stepped outside, the cold breeze hit my nude body as at least forty agents pointed at me, trying to stop me. These humans, they killed both of my parents and kidnapped me when I was young. I was leaving a happy life in the woods until they appeared. They tortured me and tried to get rid of my horns but it was useless, they kept regenerating, since then they called me the Second Queen.

They say I'm a monster but between me and them, I see no difference, and now it is time to give back the favor...

They all shot at me at the same time; I stopped the bullets in midair and let them fall in the floor. We were in the middle of a forest, so as I blocked the bullets, they started running for hiding behind the trees and bushes.

One by one, I dragged them by their feet and the massacre started. The first one to fall, I grabbed both of his hands and legs and pull over them at the same time, no more extremities for that man.

The second, the third and the fourth were the brave ones, they tried to ambush me but I make them regret it. I grabbed their heads and pull them, they opposed no resistance.

The rest of them who tried to sneak up on me fled in different directions terrified of the fact that I killed four of their people so easily without moving a muscle, I just stayed still in the entrance of the facility.

Looking backwards, I saw an incredible mountain, rising high with the entrance at its feet, the starry sky shining over all of us as the blood that pour from the bodies shone as little rubies, the only beautiful thing that those humans could generate.

Now, what do I do?

It's freezing out here so I will need clothes or something to cover me and for that I will need to find my old home again or...

I started to enter again the big facility, just looking for clothes. I believe that I was not the only one from my specie they were studying, of course due to their cruelty and different bizarre methods, they ended up killing them.

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