Round Two

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If you're reading this, you should know that net neutrality was officially repealed. WELP, to court we go, am I right ladies and gentlemen and those who do not fall under either of those categories?

But don't give up all hope yet, because now it's going to congress/court, and we'll see how it goes from there. I do not personally know one person who will take this sitting down, and it upsets me that just because Obama's name is on it, people associate Net Neutrality as being a bad thing.

I simply encourage you all to remain calm, poised, and don't worry. We can fight this, every voice matters so make sure you interact with your congressmen, participate locally, and we will do what we can to get through it because we are stronger than the voice of 3 people. You can all be upset about it, but I don't want any of you risking your own health because the fight isn't over.

As far as Wattpad goes, I will continue to update it as long as you can. If anyone wants to talk, my social media's and I are all 100 percent open. You can message me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr (@missyrinny) or on Wattpad. I'm more likely to answer sooner on a separate social media because I don't get notifications on Wattpad.

But don't worry, we are in this together and I am standing by you and we will continue to fight together. Let out voices be heard! Make sure you call/email your congressman and sign petitions.

I learned that it has gone through the court system twice before and apparently failed and if that fact is true, then we can do it a third time!

So let me know if anyone needs anything (:

Much love to you all,


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