Chapter 49: What She Must Do

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Lela peered ahead. Her raven eyes were open but not focused on the clusters of people moving to and fro through the airport terminal. The roaring hum of continuous conversation and the monotonous voice over the loudspeaker was just white noise as her mind was trapped in moments from the past. She remembered the moment nine years ago when she woke up groggy with foggy eyes that couldn't quite make out the man that packed her through the airport. The voice though, soothing and melodic eased her as she dropped her head back on his chest to mutter Uncle Carter before shutting her eyes once more falling into the drug-induced slumber.

"This is bullshit." Trevor proclaimed stopping his gait. His fiery words snatched her from her thoughts.

Lela matched her dazed eyes with his topaz optics, "What?" She queried quietly.

"This." He gestured to the stuffed duffle bag hanging from her shoulder and the massive flat screens hanging up high displaying arrival and departure time of various flights. "You going back home just because your mom came back here and summoned you. The same woman that sent you away."

Lela frowned at the remembrance of her mother packing her bag and sending her to the airport with Sylvan; the hug her mother gave her in the foyer didn't seem long enough or tight enough.

"I'm not going back for them." Lela tightened her hand around the duffle bag strap. "I'm going for my Nana."

Trevor threw an exasperated arm in the air then let it fall back to his side, "Isn't that the same thing?"

"No." She concretely told. "It's not—" She took in a breath. "Because despite my parents, Nana didn't forget me." Her hand went to her ear, her finger slid around the citrine stud.

"Fine." Trevor inched closer to her as he combed a hand through his curling mane, "I understand why you have to go, now...but." His hand fell from his head. "But why do you have to do it alone."

"Don't worry, Trey, I'm not going to seek out my first love." Lela gave a dismissive laugh.

"Don't joke." He rolled his eyes to one side then refocus on her. "I'm being serious. You think its good to go back to that environment, by your—."

Lela held up help her palms abruptly stopping his words. "I don't need you worrying about me. Shit!" She outburst, stomping her foot and attracting a few stares from some passerby's. "Or Safiya and 'em. I can handle this on my own. I don't need a fucking caretaker."

"I'm not trying to be my your caretaker." He affirmed.

"I don't need a crutch, either." Her eyes steeled upon his serious face.

"Not a crutch." He objected. "A support system. We care about you. you." He took her hand in his, feeling the clamminess of her palm. "And you're about to go into an environment with people that don't know what upsets you or how to calm you down.

Lela pulled her hand out of his, "I can take care of myself."

"Why do you have to always be so damn independent?" His noses flared as he took a step back. "I'm trying to help you."

"I don't need your help." She exclaimed balling up her fist. "I can do this. I have to do myself." She swallowed hard trying to ease her frustration. She dropped her eyes to the buffed floor for a moment then raised her gaze back to him. "I have to show them that I did it. I...conquered my ills...that I'm normal and I did it without them."

"Normalcy's overrated." He chided.

She huffed then nibbled on her bottom lip.

"But I get it." He tapped her nose and she slapped his hand away. A smile grew on mouth their lips. "If you need me...or'll call me. Right?"

Lela's smile deepened, "Without a doubt or hesitation."

Trevor tipped her chin up and gently tasted her lips. She pulled her mouth open and his tongue slipped inside—building a warmth that surged from her chest. He pulled back drawing a sigh from her.

He held out his hand, "Ready?"

"I am." She gently placed her hand on his palm and interlocked her fingers with his. "I love you, too."

He pulled her closer to his side as they began walking, "I know."    

Should Lela let Trevor go with her or should she do this alone?

Do you think Trevor is really going to stay behind?

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