chapter five

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(Monday, 12, September, 1988)

"I should say sorry, right?" Charlie asked Ryan who nodded his head. "You and I both should, but Caitlin is a stubborn woman Charlie she isn't going to listen to us unless we make her" Ryan said.

Both of the Gryffindors looked over at the Hufflepuff table. Sitting there was Tonks, Caitlin, Mason and Roger. They were laughing.

As soon as Tonks seen them she sent them a glare and then continued to talk to her friends. Both boys looked at each other "we're screwed" they said at the same time.


Tonks and Caitlin were waking to their DADA class whenever they seen Charlie. "Hey! Hey! Wait up" Charlie said as Tonks looked at him "we are going to class!" she said and then Tonks grabbed Caitlin by the arm and then almost dragging her to their class.

Professor Merrythought—who is the DADA teacher—asked everyone to sit down. She smiled at Tonks and Caitlin and then walked over got the board.

"Now" She said "please sit down."

"As you know that this is your fifth year, and in your fifth year you take OWLS, can anyone explain to me what OWLS are?"

Caitlin put her hand up "Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations, professor" Merrythought nodded her head. "Very good, miss Monroe."

"Now I will be teaching you today about Bogarts which causes a creature to assume a form that is humorous to the caster, along with a whip-crack noise, thereby counteracting the Boggart's ability to terrorise."

"Now everyone say Riddikulus!"

The class repeated what Merrythought said "now everyone in a line and lets start!"

Tonks looked at Caitlin worriedly but Caitlin wanted a go.

She was waiting in line and as soon as it was her turn the boggwart changed, Caitlin stared at the werewolf in fear, ever since Caitlin was four she was attack by a werewolf and was left with scars all over her back.

Caitlin was pushed out of the way but someone and she heard "Riddikulus" and the boggwart changed again.

Charlie ran over to Caitlin who stared up at him "Are you okay?" Charlie asked her as Caitlin hugged him and started crying into his shoulder.

"I forgive you."

She said right before she fell unconscious.


"I hate this, I hate waiting for her to wake up. It's been two weeks, two weeks!" Charlie said to Ryan. "Shouldn't she have woken up by now?" Ryan sighed and got up off of the chair.

"I'm going to go mate, I'll see you up in the common room."

Charlie then sat down after Ryan walked out of the hospital wing. Charlie grabbed her hand.

"I-I don't now how to say this but um, Caitlin Monroe I think that I'm falling for you, and I never fall for anyone. There's something about you, the way you laughed or how your so angry it's adorable but Caitlin if or whenever you wake up just so you know I would like to start over again if you will just give me a second chance, I could be your friend or something more but it's killing me that your not on speaking terms with me, just wake up soon, Caitlin."

Caitlin heard everything that he had said.

"Maybe not today or tomorrow but sometime in the near future you will realise that you are in love with him and that scares you."

Maybe for once Tonks was right.

Caitlin Monroe was falling for Charlie Weasley.

And that scared the both of them.

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