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Two weeks pasted my stomach started to hurt really bad but I took pain pills for it then it worked and then I went to the store to buy a pregnancy test and then I went to the bathroom and did the pregnancy test and then kevin came back from the studio and yelled my name like he was worried I came out the bathroom and showed kevin the test he looked at me with joy in eyes and picked me up and swing me around then puts me down

Babe u don't know how happy I am kevin says as he kisses me passionately Baby I'm happy to but my mom needs to know I said looking down he rase my chin up and says Like I said baby ima take care of it if she don't want u to have it But I wanna take care of it too tho I say walking sadly to my bed and sat down Baby its ok she'll probably let us have it Kevin being hopeful I'll ask her when sh- I get cut off by my mom calling my name KALI! R u home?! YES MAMA I yelled back U wanna go and tell her kevin said I'm scared😭 I said shaking Babe cmon I'll be right there kevin says kissing my cheek Ok I said.

We go down stairs and my mom is watching a movie in the living room then I said Umm mom I gotta well we gotta tell u something What sweetie My mom said looking at me Ummmm...I'm pregnant I said scared she gasp By kevin? She asked Yes ma'am Kevin said Omgggg this is exactly how I was but I got pregnant with u at 16 She says So I can take care of it? I asked Yes bbygirl she said I screamed and hugged kevin and then my mom and I was crying then she was rubbing my back and kevin arm around my shoulder.

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