Chapter 11 | Imperial Victory over the Alliance

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Tonight I am working late in my office at the Imperial Palace. Two things occupy my mind. First, I am contemplating a trip to the Death Star II because it is falling behind schedule and my plans to crush the Rebellion depend on meeting project deadlines. Perhaps, though, I simply wish to leave the abysmal (and necessary) rainy week (yes, it's raining again) here on Imperial Center. Perhaps I am simply itching to inspect the Death Star II for myself.


Regardless of my feelings, I sent Lord Vader to the Death Star ahead of me. I instructed him to put Jerjerrod's men back on schedule and prepare them for my arrival. I know he will find new ways to motivate them.

Second, I contemplate my plans to crush the Rebellion. I believe the Empire stands on the precipice of victory and I am eager to execute my final strike against the Rebels. Soon I will spring the trap that will destroy the Rebel Alliance once and for all. Much has happened that I have not documented for fear of Rebel spies discovering my plans. But know, dear citizen, by the time this journal is released, all will be known to the galaxy of how the Rebellion was crushed by my hand.

I will be victorious. I have foreseen it.

I hope by now you know that I am not without feeling and truly care for the men under my command and those who serve the Imperial Navy's peacekeeping efforts. I am fully aware of the complicated nature of galactic rule and I possess the stamina required to execute the law swiftly and decisively. I am also fully aware that the men directly under my command, such as the Moffs, and some of the specifically appointed officers such as Jerjerrod and Piett, have been put in positions of leadership because the Force has guided me thusly. But you wouldn't know that from reading Vader's journal. He's all about getting the job done and doesn't care who dies in the process. That is one reason why he must never rule the galaxy without me. He lacks the necessary vision that balances out which offenders should be reprimanded, and which should be executed.

For example, I realize Jerjerrod must walk a difficult line with the various Death Star construction teams as not everyone involved is slave labor. There's an entire army of union workers and other silliness that Jerjerrod must deal with. I understand this, and though the realities displease me, Jerjerrod is the right man for the job.

I sent Lord Vader to assist him because I know that when it comes to good-stormtrooper, bad-stormtrooper military tactics, Jerjerrod needs to be the favored leader and manager of the Death Star construction teams. Darth Vader excels at playing the enforcer role and he should see to it. I have a feeling though that Vader will not communicate this to Jerjerrod and they will become antagonistic with each other. Perhaps this will be evident to the men, and they will rally around Jerjerrod to complete the Death Star on schedule.

I didn't get a chance to tell him these things during our brief status meeting this morning, but I will tell him when I arrive. I decided to keep that tidbit of information from Jerjerrod as well. There's no need for him to be too comfortable with me, especially in front of the men. Everyone should be on their toes when I'm around.

Piett on the other hand gets along with Vader famously, even to the point of dining with him mask-free. I admire this about Piett, and it speaks to the nature of his good character as well. Speaking of, Piett and his young lieutenant reported in this morning. They seem to have developed an excellent working relationship together, which is good, as they have a difficult task to perform. The young lieutenant regularly audits Death Squadron's transmission logs and monitors all crew member and officer activities. They also initiated a task force that coordinates with other trusted officers in the different battle groups. This task force operates independently from the internal Imperial offices charged with monitoring for treachery. I must say, I admire the success of their innovative ideas. Their little operation, thus far, has exposed more incognito Rebel operatives and sympathizers at different ranks and locations throughout the Imperial Navy, including at the secret location of the Death Star construction site.

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