Chapter 10 | The Second Age of the New Order

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I believe that I have softened over the years and have become too comfortable with the peace the Empire benevolently provides to its citizens. I fear I have been too easy on those around me regarding their dutiful performance. When Tarkin was alive I could rely on him to ensure the enforcement of Imperial Doctrine. I did not have to worry about that aspect of governance. Alas, there is no worthy replacement for him yet. Piett nor Jerjerrod possess the ruthless gravitas of Tarkin, but they are loyal and efficient, which is exactly what the galaxy needs right now. With some grooming, they will become excellent enforcers of galactic peace...which brings me to the quandary of my day.

I struggle to understand why anyone would want to fight against me and what I have built because it is so good and beneficial to all. It is clear now that I must harden my heart and strengthen my resolve with regard to the Sith Imperative. I must, along with the Imperial Navy, turn my attention to the pacification of the galaxy with more aggressive tactics that inspire fear of rebellion through Imperial power and supremacy.

Pacification is the ultimate key to keeping the peace, and I must stay focused on this. Unfortunately, on the one hand, the Rebel Alliance plagues the galaxy, and on the other, the force taunts me with an elusiveness I have not known for some time. But I have decided to take these distractions in stride and work with them because it was I who restored the Sith to their former glory and purpose and destroyed the Jedi Order. It was I who managed the political affairs of the galaxy's broken political system and initiated the first Galactic Empire. I secured complete and total rule over the galaxy to ensure your safety and security.

And so, I vow to you this day, dear citizen, that Lord Vader will be relentless in our pursuit of remnant Rebel forces throughout the galaxy. I shall no longer waste time with patience and pleasantries. We will respond with such ferocity that the Rebels will have no choice but to accept their doom. This is the plan that cannot fail. To achieve such ends, I provided the following plan to all Imperial stations and battlegroups across the galaxy:

Distribute the new Geonosian probe droids across the fleet and deploy them everywhere to hunt down and expose the traitorous Rebel bases and their fleets.Exercise extreme judgment and execute anyone caught aiding the Rebellion. I assure you, with regard to Rebel support, none shall live.Initiate a massive public relations campaign designed to identify the danger of supporting the Rebellion and undermining the Empire. To any who would foment rebellion, a clear message must be sent and received: That it is truly better off for the citizens of the galaxy to accept the Imperial peace, safety, and security I offer under my rule.Increase production in the fleet yards, barracks, and research and development laboratories to provide the Imperial Navy with more Star Destroyers, fighters, troops, and technologies.Reorganize the Empire's governance to ensure continued efficiency of these resurgent initiatives.INTERNAL IMPERIAL SEDITION

Death Squadron returned to the fleet yards above Imperial Center to load a full complement of advanced probe droids. While this transpired, I met with Piett and Jerjerrod (who had stepped away from Death Star II construction for other reasons) as promised and reminded them of the severe graveness of their respective missions.

As these two officers left my presence, a messenger informed me of the attempt on Lord Vader's life in the Corellian Quarter. I was not amused.

This wasn't the first time that attempts against my life or Vader's life had been made. Generally it came from outside the Imperial ecosystem. Recently however, since the destruction of Alderaan, COMPNOR has discovered treachery within our ranks. Apparently, the weak among us have a hard time stomaching the difficult decision we had to make in the name of peace and now they seek to undermine that peace.

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