Chapter 6 | Death of the Republic

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Jumping ahead to the end of the Clone Wars. Bear with...

For the past three years, Dooku's political efforts generated countless allies who carried out numerous attacks (both minor and significant) against the Republic, clawing and picking at their forces so as to weaken their resolve and ultimately pressure them to acquiesce to the Grand Plan—the absolute rule of the Galactic Empire. The Senate, bogged down in proceedings and desperate for a way out, would have no choice but to usher in a new era of galactic peace. They would beg me for it.

Grievous wreaked havoc on the Republic throughout the Clone Wars. To my amusement, Grievous kept a collection of lightsabers from the Jedi he slaughtered thanks to the training Tyranus provided him in the art of the lightsaber.

As time went on, my spies informed me that Master Yoda had become suspicious of me. It was about time, really. I mean, three years of war preceded by ten years of preparing for war, masquerading as a humble Senator and then as Supreme Chancellor, and all the while serving galaxy as Master of the Sith. And yet, the galaxy's citizens consistently put their faith in the pathetic Jedi who could not even sense the Dark Master unraveling the fabric of their existence.


It wasn't just Yoda though. Those in my office who saw me regularly began to wonder where I went during the day and at night, why I randomly canceled meetings and left the office. As you know, when you see someone every day, you come to learn their patterns and behaviors. And so it was with the staff in my office. Some I could trust, some I could not.

Wait, trust?

I must admit though, my expectations of people are often too high. I'm chuckling now as I think back to Kenobi and the rest of the Jedi who didn't sense a change in Anakin's behavior patterns after he married Padmé. Or maybe they did, and Anakin's marriage was the giant bantha in the room.

Regardless, I too could sense people wondering about me. Things would happen in the Republic that needed my attention and I couldn't be located, even though Amedda expertly fielded most of the questions and operational issues. At about this time I decided the Senate would have to go. Though they served me well now, their incessant bumbling would only get in my way and frustrate me. I began laying ground work to give the regional governors direct control so that issues would be dealt with quickly.

One evening after dinner, with delicious Sullustan digestifs in hand, I conferred with Tyranus and we decided it was time to put an end to their relentless rumors and suspicions. We designed a plan to employ the duplicitous and heinous tactic of a good old-fashioned kidnapping. Someone important and powerful in the Republic needed to be kidnapped in order to sway the growing suspicions of the Jedi and a few others in the Senate Buildings. I am of course, talking about kidnapping myself.

The kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic would set the Jedi on a rescue mission and increase the intensity of the Republic's response to the growing threat of the CIS, especially with the success of such a high-profile mission. Public outrage would flood the media channels and the resulting chaos would help tip the scales of the war to victory for the Republic, but you'll see exactly what I mean soon enough.

Tyranus and I set a plan in motion that would allow Grievous and his Separatist army to attack the capital planet and kidnap me. The upcoming State of the Republic address on Coruscant would be the perfect high-profile venue for the kidnapping of the Chancellor. Now all we had to do was carry out the act in front of the entire galaxy. (Of course, Grievous did not realize that Palpatine and Darth Sidious were one in the same man.)

And so this is how it happened: Grievous and a droid army attacked the capital buildings and played their part well in the abduction and successfully extricated me from the planet's surface battle. Along the way, they killed most of my incompetent bodyguards and a few defending Jedi, too. Then they transported me to the CIS flagship, the Invisible Hand. As the battle raged on around us, Grievous bound me to his desk chair in his private suite instead of the usual cramped quarters of a prisoner cell block or the ship's brig.

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