Chapter 4 | The Path to the Dark Side

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Ten long years after the Battle of Naboo, the Galactic Senate continues to squabble under my intentionally misdirected leadership. Dooku's political ideals and motivating speeches discreetly undermined and eroded the ideals of the Senators. Many accepted apathetic defeat and found themselves powerless to stop the deterioration of the Republic.

Along with Dooku's relentless work on the Senators, the continued success of the CIS (under the vigorous leadership of Count Dooku and savvy military command of General Grievous) frustrates the Galactic Senate and pushes the Republic toward greater instability. As an added bonus, this cleverly sowed galactic distraction monopolizes the Jedi's time. With the Jedi completely overwhelmed with small skirmishes and petty disputes, they remain completely unaware of my orchestration of the Grand Plan. Soon enough, the growing influence of the CIS will force the Galactic Senate's hand to create the first ever army of the Republic—to help the Jedi maintain peace. Have I mentioned how much I love obfuscated bureaucracy?

"Slow and steady always wins the race," said the Hutt to the Ewok.

Disgusting creatures. Both of them.


Later today, Senator Padmé Amidala will arrive to take part in a critical vote: to create (or not) a Grand Army of the Republic. While I am eager to see her, I can't help but feel a tinge of worry. Recently, Gunray reminded Dooku of his promise to assassinate Amidala for her treachery on Naboo ten years ago. It seems Gunray insists on cashing in on that promise. So, honoring his promise to Gunray, Dooku set up an elaborate scheme with Jango Fett to destroy her ship moments after it landed on the pad on Coruscant.

Working to my advantage was the knowledge that she would employ her usual decoy strategy. This would ensure her survival, and the ability to keep her alive because she remains of great use to me. I expected this terrible accident would generate incredible sympathy from the Republic. I would make sure to blame the CIS for the horrible attempt on her life (even if it wasn't completely true). With regard to Padmé herself, she would live, but live with greater fear for her life. The attack would distract her mind, intensify her resolve, and ensure the Senate's unwitting compliance with the Grand Plan.

Sometimes it's just too easy.

As expected, Padmé survived the assassination attempt and notified my office that she would keep her appointment with me. Her courage is admirable.

Prior to the Senator's arrival in my office, I met with the leading members of the Jedi Council. Grand Master Yoda, Mace Windu, and a handful of other Jedi scum attempted to persuade me to delay the big vote for an Army of the Republic. The stench of the Light Side of the force filled my senses, and I wanted to vomit. But the Dark Side fueled my resolve and gave me the strength to maintain my constitution. I had to bite my tongue, to keep from laughing, when Yoda admitted that the Dark Side was clouding his ability to see into the future. So blinded, they were, that they couldn't even sense the presence of the greatest Sith Lord in galactic history sitting right across the desk.

When I grew tired of their counsel, I re-asserted my position. I believe that the confidence in my argument won them over. Or it was simply their respect for me as Supreme Chancellor. Whatever it is, their duty to the Republic is the perfect weapon to wield against them. As you know now, the CIS and its agenda are all part of the Grand Plan. Ultimately, I would not let the galaxy be split in two, especially after 1000 years of unity.

When Senator Padmé arrived, I dismissed the Jedi Council. (Apparently Padmé is also useful for evicting Jedi from meetings.) Bile rose in my throat as I listened to Yoda ceremoniously greet her. She suspected Count Dooku was behind the attempt on her life, and she was right, from a certain point of view.

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