Chapter 2 | The Invasion of Naboo

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And so, let us now step back in time.

When I began my political career so many years ago, I kept a small checklist of key accomplishments I wished to achieve. Darth Plagueis assisted me with the necessary maneuvers that allowed me to achieve greater notoriety and power according to the Grand Plan. At this point though, Plagueis was years-deep in research that he believed would save himself (and me) from death. I focused on the political machinations that the next several stages of the Grand Plan would require.

Darth Bane, founder of the Order of the Sith Lords, devised and initiated the Grand Plan (also known as the Sith Imperative). Centuries in the making, the Grand Plan contained a precise formula for eradicating the Jedi Order, tearing down the Galactic Republic, and replacing both with a Sith-ruled galaxy through the long-term manipulation of the political and criminal underworld. This is the goal that Darth Plagueis and I relentlessly worked toward in order to achieve peace and security through the galaxy. This, dear citizen, is the ultimate end of everything that I have done. I have done it for you so that you will enjoy galactic peace.

I'm sure you know that anything that is worth doing must start with a plan. My plan began with a checklist that went something like this: (non-sequential)

Fulfill the Rule of Two: Slay and replace my Master, Darth PlagueisReclaim the Galaxy for the SithDestroy the JediHire the Kaminoans to grow a clone army subject to blind obedience and violent hatred for the JediStart a civil war with the Republic by manipulating the Trade FederationBuild the Death Star, and shortly before its completion, start building a second, more lethal Death Star with a refactored power coreTake control of the SenateEliminate the SenateIncite RebellionDestroy the rebel insurgentsCorral the Jedi and catch them unawares; did I mention destroy the Jedi?

(I'm sure there are a few things missing but, you get the point.) I designed my goals to facilitate the greatest political achievement I ever beheld (and find worth repeating): To ensure safety, security, and peace throughout the galaxy. Today, however, I add one more task:

Patiently manipulate young Skywalker and make him my new Apprentice.

To begin executing the Grand Plan, Darth Plagueis helped me devise economic tactics that would over-tax the trade routes to the outlying star systems. With little Republic oversight there, it was rather easy to create a conflict that would captivate the fickle attention of the Galactic Senate.

At the time, the aggressive Trade Federation embodied a powerful mega-corporation of Republic commerce guilds and trade cartels. As they grew, they lobbied with businesses and established trade groups with a private commercial trade fleet. Eventually, the Trade Federation grew to dominate entire star systems and jockeyed for control of all the major trade routes. To ensure dominance, they secured a formidable private military of droid warriors. The Trade Federation soon found itself under the profitable control of the commerce-savvy Neimoidians (from Cato Nemoidia) and Plagueis and I saw our opportunity to begin the Grand Plan.

Under my true nature of Darth Sidious, I seduced Viceroy Nute Gunray (I know, what a name, right?) to our cause and encouraged him to lead the Trade Federation in a blockade of my home planet of Naboo, effectively halting all shipping to and from the insignificant planet. (I might argue in hindsight I chose Naboo out of spite for the small-minded conservative leaders who desperately sought to avoid galactic conflict.)

Fully aware that the citizens of Naboo would not tolerate this, the overly opinionated Queen Padmé Amidala Naberrie quickly contacted me and didn't need much encouragement to open her big mouth and, with prodding from my public façade, Senator Palpatine, I bogged down the Galactic Senate in proceedings about the crisis. You see, distraction and deception are my two key tools. If they can't see what's coming, they won't know what hit them.

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