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This is a big topic right now, and I'm sure at this point many (if not all) know about this and the issues this poses for many people. Unfortunately, it's looking like the repeal will be voted into actually in a 3 to 2 vote. It hasn't been voted yet, but it will be later today. 

Once the vote happens (and if the repeal is voted for in majority) the FCC will have a few weeks to write up the new laws, and then it'll spend a couple of months in the federal registry and after that - it is the end of net neutrality. 

Of course, this is going to impact everyone, but I want to talk about how it will relate to you and I and the relationship we share with each other through this site. 

At home, my family is not going to pay for Wattpad, and I am very certain that my school won't pay either. This could mean that we won't be able to share this platform with each other any more, and although that makes me sad to say, for Americans that is the sad reality. 

So, if there comes a time where I am no longer able to access Wattpad, and I am no longer to provide updates for you guys, know that I love you all very much, and that we will get through this together when we all leave the country because it is burning. 

I usually don't like to be political in my daily life with strangers, but this more than my left-wing views. It is more than someone's right-wing views as well. This is something bigger than politics, this is our information superhighway. I could write a book on why net neutrality is good, but I'll refrain, I'm actually getting off topic a lot in this. 

What I really wanted to say overall was that I love all of you, and I am so thankful for the opportunities you have given me to write and have you read. I love writing so much for you guys and even though there aren't that many of us, I do really enjoy seeing you guys interacting with my writing -- it makes me very happy to see. It is one of the best parts about my day, seeing you guys engaging with me and I love being able to reach so many of you from so far away. It's almost like magic, the internet is magic. 

So, if by some chance this lovely aspect of the world is taken away from us I will cease writing, but I will spend the rest of my time fighting to get this back. I will not sit down without fighting, and I hope you feel the same way. I know that many of you aren't as involved in this website as much as I am, but I do hope that you care for me the same way that I care for you, and we won't allow someone to take our happiness away from us. 

Much love to you all and I will catch you on the flippity flip, 


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