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I knocked on her door three times before entering. I knew it was three times because that is what she chose. Myra had a little issue and she did everything three times. So I followed along with her because I wasn't about to fight an old women.

"Hi, hi, hi," Myra said from the kitchen, she was cutting three carrots for soup. I would follow her three times rule in everything except for talking. "What brings you here? What brings you here? What brings you here?"

"Granny, I need you to look at me. Something's wrong. I'm not healing like I should be." I say at the kitchen table and winced as I bent my stomach.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Let me check. Let me check. Let me check." She put her knife down and waddled over to me. In her old age she was still going strong.  Her frail hands lifted up my sweatshirt and she eyed my makeshift bandage.

She got up and grabbed some scissors and slowly cut the bandage off. The wound had stopped bleeding but was way too red and irritated for its size and when I got it.

"This morning? This morning? This morning?" She asked me nodded to it. I  looked down and mumbled a quiet yes. She stood up and walked over to a cabinet opening it three times before grabbing a small can out of it.

" I can't tell or help why you aren't healing, but I can help the wound. I can't tell or help why you aren't healing, but I can help the wound.I can't tell or help why you aren't healing, but I can help the wound."

I nodded at her and she came back over to me, she motioned me to stand up and I followed.

"This may burn. This may burn. This may burn."

She scooped some green paste from the opened jar and lathered it on the wound. I hissed then immediately was embarrassed in my reaction. I was strong remember?

Myra, or rather granny, had a tough life. Like me she was once a daughter of an Alpha but then grew increasingly ill. Her father being embarrassed by her threw her out. That was ages ago, and now she has her own little house in the off skirts of town. She knew humans, back when they were still alive.

"Try not to get hurt, I don't know if I can help you next time. Try not to get hurt, I don't know if I can help you next time.Try not to get hurt, I don't know if I can help you next time." I nodded at her and have a small smile before grabbing my sweat shirt. "Maven I don't know what going on but be careful. It's never a good sign when your body is working properly." She said that once, not three times. I gave her a look but she had returned to cutting carrots.

"Thank you granny," I smiled then walked out the door. I looked down at my stomach and the wound had begun to calm down. I pulled in my sweatshirt. I thought about skipping my training today but decided against it. It would only cause my father to be angry.

"Ah, the little princes herself," I looked to the left to see Ryan had joined me on my walk. Ryan sometimes took care of granny. So it wasn't unusual for him to be down here. "Heading to practice?"

"No heading to bed, yes heading to practice." I shot at him, he laughed and put his hands in his pockets. "Ready for TeCo?" I asked him.

"No really Ill have to protect your ass from those wretched alpha boys." I laughed at that, no after how hard my father trained me to protect myself I was still assigned a protector.

"Don't worry I doubt they will come anywhere near me." I glanced ahead at the gym, we had entered town not to long ago. "I had better get going," I said starting in a jog.

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