Chapter Five

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" The one who had claimed you forever. " he said, as he grabbed my wrist roughly and forced me to his room.

" Let me fucking go! " I yelled at him to no avail.

He didn't reply, and I chose to keep yelling. He opened the door of his room, and pushed me in it. He closed the door, and then said " Never, I repeat never disobey me again. "

I looked at him in disbelief. My hair was now messy, as I looked at him with wide eyes.

" Who do you fucking think you are?! How dare you?! You can't go around ordering me. You are a ducking " I yelled at him.

" Aubrianna Mason, you better stay in the dark about who I am for your own sake. Just know that you are only mine and that you are not allowed to have any other man in your life. That is all you need to know until I decide otherwise. " Malik said mysteriously.

" You can't just go around ordering me. You aren't allowed to order me. Who are you? I am free, and I don't belong to anyone. I am not a slave. " I yelled angrily. Something inside of me snapped. I couldn't just let him act like a master.

" You don't know what I am capable of doing, so you better shut up for your own sake. You are quite lucky. If I wasn't into your beauty, you would have been a dead meat. " he said, sending a shiver in my soul.

" What do you want from me now? " I asked quietly.

I had enough drama for a life time that night. I wasn't ready for more. All these lies to mom, being claimed by a man who I never knew existed, calling mom late, running from a crazy man, jumping into a weirdo's room, being caught by a mad guy called Leo, meeting that weirdo again, and lastly being dragged to his room again.

Wow! That was truly a lot.

" I just want you, sweetheart. " he said taking my chin in his hand.

" Why me?! It is not like you love me, or even have interest in me. " I said. Some tears escaped my eyes. I was so tired.

He laughed, and then said " Love?! No. I don't believe in that. It is more like I am into your beauty. You are beautiful to say the least, and who would I be, if I let such a goddess go away from me?! "

For some reasons, his words were spoken knives to my poor soul. He was just like the others. Mom had always warned me from men, and how bad they were. She always said that you should know who you are dealing with before anything.

To be honest, I wasn't forced to meet anyone that way. Mom had always kept me safe, away from everything. I didn't have to feel anything from outside my little world that she built for me.

She was also the one, who chose Roman for me. He was one of her colleague's son. That was why we were so close. He was always there for me, and I was for him too.

Roman was older than me by five months only, but he always acted like he was older than me by years. I missed him a lot. Our relationship didn't last long, but it was sure the best period of my life.

Some more tears left my eyes at the thought. Roman had a huge part of my heart, which made forgetting him impossible. The first love was never forgotten after all.

I was cut off my thoughts, as my phone rang. I dried my tears, and replied totally forgetting that Malik was there. I didn't check the caller's ID also. I should seriously start caring about that. It wasn't added for nothing.

" Hello, " I said. My voice came out weak, and sad. I mentally cursed at that.

" Brianna, what's wrong with you? Where are you? I am so worried! Hell, don't scare me like that ever again. " said a worried as all living hell Grace.

I smiled a little, and said " I am sorry, babe. I will be coming to you soon. Don't worry! "

" Aubrianna, what the hell happened? And why does your voice sound like you just broke down?! Please, tell me what's wrong! " Grace pleaded. She was always close to me, and she knew when I would break down, and how would I be when I do.

She knew me better than anyone, and everyone. She was the best friend ever. Sometimes, she would be pain in the ass, which is quite annoying to say the least, but still.

" Don't worry! And I can't tell you over the phone, so maybe when we meet. " I said sighing. Hoping that Malik would let me go soon.

" Promise? " said Grace. She was obviously still worried about me, making me feel loved actually.

" Yep! Promise. " I said smiling.

We ended the call, and I looked at Malik. He was looking at me with blank expression. He seemed deep in thoughts, so I just let him be. I didn't want another argue. I had enough. We stayed in silence, until I heard a scream.


" Goddammit, and I thought that I have had enough drama for a life time. " I murmured to myself.

We heard a loud knock on the door, and I immediately got scared. Malik came to me, and carried me. I was about to yell at him, for that, when he put his hands in the air.

" Malik, it is me. " said a voice on the other side of the door.

Malik put me on the door, and the man entered. I looked at the man, and found a white haired man, with grey eyes. He had white skin, and so much tattoos. It was even more than Malik's.

" Hey, mate. " said that guy, moving a hand in his hair. I rolled my eyes.

" Hey Leo. " said Malik smirking.

I rolled my eyes again. That was when Leo finally noticed me. He smirked and said " Wow, Aubrianna Mason herself is here. "

I titled my head to the side. How did he know me?

" Excuse me! How do you know me? " I asked him, annoyed.

" That is no where near the time. The police will get here in a second you know. " said Leo, playing with his hair again.

" Yeah, but it is the time to..." I was cut off by a hand on my mouth.

I licked it, trying to get it off my mouth. My conscience rolled its eyes on my cheep way.

' Don't judge me, conscience! Try helping instead. ' I snapped at it.

" Seriously, girl?! " I heard Leo say, as he removed his hand. I stuck my tongue at him childishly.

" How old are you?! Three! " said Leo drying his hand.

" How did you know? " I said rolling my eyes.

" It is no where near the time. " said Malik, and Leo cleared his throat.

We heard a knock on the door, and then we heard " Cops. Put your hand in the air, and go out of the room. "

' Holy fucking shit. '


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