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"Touch me one more time, and I swear-"

Hearing the familiar rise in pitch in Nadine's voice and also noticing the guard's defensive stance as tension quickly built up, Toni sidled up to where the guard was, hovering just over his shoulder.

Noticing his fingers as they the walkie-talkie on his belt and knowing what was to come, she held a hand up in the air to which Nadine instantly switched her attention to.

"That she'll keep it buttoned."Toni cut in before a threat regarding a certain towering, hot-headed Serpent wielding knife could be uttered, tone firm as she shook her head from side to side over the sentry's shoulder."We're good. Right, Naddie?"

Nadine snapped her mouth shut at Toni's tone, hearing the indication of danger in her voice and swallowed her words. But her eyes were still trained on the bulky and stern looking sentry who stood at the other side of the metal detector.

He kept her gaze, eyes glimmering long-lasting irritation he'd held against her since their first meeting and Nadine mirrored it with her own hazel orbs.

"Yeah."Nadine finally acceded with a curt nod, closing her fist around her necklace and rings she'd, once again, been forced to take off."Right." 

Slowly nodding in approval, the guard gave Nadine a cautious once over with his eyes before he stepped aside, a somewhat complacent ghost of a smile on his lips as he did.

"Put them in the tray and step back."He demanded, waving her to return to awaiting side of the metal detector while he grabbed her school bag."Go again."

Forcing a smile, Nadine reluctantly placed her beloved items in the tray and did what he'd asked of her, steps angrily heavy. She reluctantly waited until he motioned for her to come forward to which she did all while biting her tongue and heeding Toni's silent warning.

They'll take any chance.

"Right."He sighed when Nadine passed through without the metal detector going off, motioning for another student to step forward."Get out of here."

Stiffly nodding, Nadine she kept quiet and adhered to his demands, teeth almost slicing her bottom lip as she forced herself to remain silent, but her glower didn't waver.

And, eyes following the teenager, neither did his.

She slowly rounded the guard while she couldn't just sidestepped, showcasing the back of her leather jacket and giving him a clear view of the Serpent logo on its back as she made her way over to table where her belongings were detained inside of the tub.

"Nadine. We don't wanna be late for class, yeah?"Toni called back, beckoning Nadine as she slowly started walking off, imitating Nadine's bristly smile as she passed the guard."Thanks."

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