Leonis, 1:2, 1:11 - Roach Hotel - One And Done

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Week after week passed with Rudolph visiting Kate every moment he could. Although their lengthy conversations were made through speakers embedded in the walls, Kate occasionally forgot she was a prisoner and miserable...nevertheless, it was not at all how her sister intended for her to live. Then came the day Rudolph feared more than any other.

Subject Kate Summers: Eight Months In Quarantine. January 26th, 1967

"Push!" barked the military doctor in a hazmat suit. "I can see her head now, it's crowning!"

Kate, strangely glowing a brilliant orange beneath the red lights surrounding the room, did as told, and as she bore down, felt her body weakening with each push.

"Come on, Ms. Summers, only a bit more," the doctor said reassuringly.

"I...don't have...I can't," she said weakly. Her skin was pale, breath was shallow, and sweat drenched her hair and face.

"Yes you can, Ms. Summers! If you want your daughter to make it, I need one more good push!"        

Kate lifted her head and with teeth clinched, gave the last of her energy before collapsing back on the mechanical bed.


Rudolph began to tear up as he heard the tiny infant's first cries announcing itself to the world. He excitedly tapped his finger to the glass. "Reggie, she's not glowing. You see that? I told you!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. The eggheads agree with you, too. They all seem to think she'll be completely clean and free of the virus once this is all over," Reggie said and then tilted his head. "Oh damn."

Rudolph, preoccupied with the baby now warming under a lamp, failed to notice Kate's hand fall off the side of the bed. "What? What happened."

Reggie closed his eyes and exhaled. "She's gone."

Rudolph shuddered. "And she never got to hold her baby."

"Or name her," Reggie said and lifted his hand. The door opened with Lieutenant Alders stepping into the room holding a small steel case. "This is for you. Kate's instructions were for you and the baby's father, some man named Parker, to have its contents."

With a nod, Rudolph accepted the case. "I know. She told me all about it. So, everything is in there?"

Reggie shook his head in the affirmative. "Alders and I, well, we made sure that the NNO didn't...uh, just trust me, it's all in there."

"Including the bag?" Rudolph inquired.

"Including the bag."

Rudolph produced a tear-filled smile. "Thank you. And what about the baby? Is Steffen...?"

Reggie lifted a hand. "Don't worry about him, Rudy, he's agreed to my rather, uh, forceful offer."

"What offer?"

"That you can take custody of the baby in exchange for regular checkups and other studies the NNO may request...within reason, mind you. Ultimately, you will still be the final word."

"No other strings?"

"Actually, there are a few more. One, you and she can never leave New York and two, you can never use any of the devices in that case right there. Three, Steffen is concerned that no one would believe that this child is your niece especially since none of them were aware of your wife ever having a sister, so he has taken it upon himself to identify the child as your granddaughter from a previous relationship. He just needs to know the baby's name so he can record it into the official birth records and issue her a U.N. Citizens ID."

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