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First before I start this chapter I wanted to say thank you all so much for the support I've been getting from all of you, I really appreciate it💋

Y/n's POV

There he stood silent and still with a shocked expression on his face.

I hate him so much right now.

"A guy would never treat a girl like this especially doesn't lay a hand on her to hurt her in anyway." I scoffed glaring at him......

I was furious.

I'm not gonna let him treat me like this, never in a million years.

"You are my queen, but I am the king and you will obey me." He got closer to me, picked me up and pushed me against the wall trapping me.

"Aren't you forgetting something, sure you can play the king, but a king will always bow down to his queen." I say looking him straight in the eyes, they got darker.

"I don't care, you will bow down to me." He growled in my face.

"I'm done playing your little games, I don't know why you want me but forgot about it because your never getting me." I made it very clear to him.

"Y/n!" I heard Nick calling me from my room. Pennywise turned his head towards the door then to me, he growled softly.

"Hey Y/n whe-." Nick came in my room looking down at his phone but stopped in his tracks when he looked up at the sight.

"Holy......shit." He says under his breathe.

"Y/n!" He panicked.

"Nick.....Nicholas, calm down!" I tried to get his attention.

"So this is the fucking crack head of a clown that took you." Nick said angrily now.

Penny, growled loudly and went after Nick.

He laid his hands on me but the last thing you wanna do is touch my family, you don't touch my family at all period.

"Nooo, leave him alone!" I got at Pennywise before he could touch Nick.

"What the fuck did you say kid." Penny growled dangerously close to him.

"I said, so this is the fucking crack head of a clown that took Y/n away from us!" Nick yelled louder in his face, Damn, thought he would be more scared then angry.

Penny opened his mouth very wide, shit that's wide, and all you could see was thousands of small sharp teeth and an orange light lighting down his throat.

"Penny stop right now or you'll regret it!" I yelled, this bitch thinks I'm playing.

I don't play.

I grabbed my lamp from my bedside table and broke the glass part on his head.

Everyone was still, no one moved.


I was surprised Penny hasn't attacked me by now.

"You are the one that's gonna regret that." Penny finally said something but kinda wished he didn't.

He jumped to me pinning me to the ground.

"Ahhh, fuck!" I cried out in pain.

"You are MINE, you will listen to ME." He growled.

"Leave her alone motherfucker!" Nick screamed pulling on Pennywise.

"You should leave, go away or I'll take her away again." He warned Nick, nope not again.

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