Chapter Fifty-Five • A Lover Rival

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" Hello?"

A loud voice greeted the large eerie like manor. The sounds echoing easily down the stone hallways and the glazing white pillars; almost drifting away.

A haunting silence greeted each soul upon the doorsteps. Just like it came, the voice calling out soon drowned down the seals of the dark house. Forced to remain silent in the midnight hour.

Familiar sounds of footstep greeted the ground; hoping to bring back the ounce of similarities. A tune of a forgotten time. A time where each corner recognised the footsteps of its mistress.

" Is anyone home?"

The voice called out easily again yet this time with slight irratation and underlying fear.

Where was everyone?

Flickering across the hallways, the sound of rushed footsteps trickled towards the extravagant kitchen. Now flooded with the greetings of midnight.

The fresh smell of the rain greeted the kitchen, filling up ones nostrils. Reminding them of the season that held the blues upon all. Winter.

Reaching easily towards the light switch, that now embraced the large kitchen. Soaring light bloomed across each corner of the kitchen and the extended spacious area. That seemed to overlook the magnificent patio; through the french double doors.

A voice within urged, pleaded to call out the all too familiar name yet as they say. Even the devil succumbed to his dark desire for the status of pride.

Pride that would be man's downfall.

The all too familiar fear of loneliness sweeped down my lower back. Weakening my knees. Inhaling a deep breath, it hitched at the sight of my shaky hands. Memories of being alone in this large home, day and night cascaded through me.

The reality of knowing this house was now empty, just as it was all those years ago had my stomach churning.

I was scared.

I was scared of being alone.

Glancing upwards at my reflection through the glass that sealed the top oven away. A sudden scream bubbled its way up my throat yet halted at the tip of it. Not daring to emerge seeing a tall figure sit right beside the wall. Head hung down.

Hooded in black, the large silhouette of the stranger stared at me. Through the sleek glass.

Oh god

Glancing over my shoulder, the only sign of life was my thundering heartbeat which had succeeded in numbing the world around me.


Where are you?

The hood on the strangers face tilted up. Reaching forward, the sight of bruised knuckles and blooďy hands had my breathing halting.

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