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Word spreads.

Word spreads real fast in our school in Darry.

A new boy has joined are high school, and in the middle of the last trimester. There's not a bunch of people I would say that live in Darry. The people that do live here know eachother, so when there's a new peep.. word will spread.

Only one person had seen the new family. A mom and son. They moved to a house up the street from mine. The person that saw them was my main man mike. He was walking into the market when he saw the teen buying medicine. Mike said he was short and had brown hair. He didn't see his face but he looked small and frail. That's all he saw of the boy.

Well that is all I heard about the boy. Not much to go from if i do want to see him, but it won't matter. Ill be able to spot a face I don't recognize.


I got up with my mom yelling at me to get my ass up. I reached around my bedside table to find the thick lence glasses, and I push them on my face with on finger. As I threw my blanket off the cold hit me hard, and I raced to get me clothes on. I ran my fingers threw my hair and I was off.

As I was walking down the street to are school I could see one of my pals, Bill.

"BIG BILL!" I yelled cupping my hands. He heard this and roles his eyes all the way around towards me. He waited as I caught up to him.

"Y-you heard a-a-about the new ki-kid?" He said.

"Yeah... not much though. How about you what do you know about him?"

"I h-heard from a-a girl t-th-that he was s-super pretty."

"Oh.. pretty? They used the word pretty to describe the new kid?"


I thought for a moment. I had never heard a boy be call pretty! It just seem... weird to me I guess?

The rest of the walk was silence as we got to the entrance. I saw Stan, another one of my friends standing by the door. As he saw us he then turned and walked around the school. I was kinda wondering where he was going but then Bill spoke up.

"I-ill be right back. I-I ne-need to talk to S-Stan q-quick. Ill catch up w-with you l-la-later." And there he left me as he ran towards the direction Stan disappeared.

I shrugged it off as I went inside. It was extremely empty for this high schools hallways. As I looked to my left I saw the crowed. That moved through the halls. They were all trying to talk to someone, And just one person. I couldn't see over all of there heads, but i was able to see the top of a brunets boys hair walking in the middle focused on his point B destination.

As I stared off at the crowd moving through the halls I felt a hand on my back. Mike came into view and stared off at the crowd with me.

"He is a pretty one." Mike said with a sigh.
"But... still not my taste." He said with a shrug of the shoulders.

"No ones your taste man." I said not taking focused off of the group that was now by the boys locker, but like DUDE give the man space. I thought as I shook my head, and my curiosity went up. What made this guy so special.

"You right man, but... I think he's your taste." Mike said as he let go of my shoulder and walked of smiling.

But wait... I'm not gay? I get like a new girl each month and all the chicks dig me. I'm the fastest runner in football. I have gotten the most touch downs then there is of years. I can't be gay! I shook my head and walked to my first class not paying any attention to the group following up behind me.

As soon as I walk into my math, the 1 minute warning bell rings. I sat in the back second farthest from the door. A small figure runs right behind me and sits next to me in the seat farthest from the door. He ducked his head down into his backpack and sighed. He had on a yellow sweatshirt and red short shorts. He also had a black leather fanny pack hooked on under his sweatshirt. He unzipped the fanny pack with his head still down in the backpack. He took out a inhaler and put it to his mouth, and took a breath. Still holding his head just so I couldn't see it. He put the inhaler back into its place and did another sigh.

"Don't you know its rude to stare." His voice came out muffled and coldly.

"Oh! Ahh.. sorry. Your the new kid right? Names Richie." I put out my hand and the new kid turned his face.

"Eddie. Eddie Kaspbrak" He said as he lifted his head fully into my view. He took my hand a shook it.

Oh my god.

When he turned his head.

He looked...



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